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Daniel Felix Ritchie School of Engineering & Computer Science Department of Mechanical & Materials Engineering


1-Year MS Degree

  • We now offer our same, respected, classes-only master's degree, in a one-year format for people wanting to enhance their skills and credentials, but do so relatively quickly, saving both time and money.
  • The one-year MS option works with our Engineering, Engineering with a Concentration in Management, Mechanical Engineering, and Materials Science programs.
  • In some cases, the one-year MS option will also work with our Bioengineering program. 

"Looking back, the times my career progressed the fastest was while I was pursuing a degree. I took a break after earning my BS, and my career plateaued. After being passed over for a couple promotions, I looked for a way to get things moving again, and enrolled in an MS program. It was a great experience that enhanced my knowledge, expanded my network, and opened doors. In the end, the toughest thing for me was choosing between the two great jobs I was offered. Neither would have been possible without the MS."

Jim Paradise
MS, University of Denver, 2010
Engineering and Science Manager
Lockheed Martin Space Systems


 "DU's one-year MS program is a timely addition to the state's educational options that makes sense in the current, competitive market."
Norman Stucker
General Manager
PADT, Colorado Office

Sample Schedule 

The one-year MS program requires 45 credit hours. Each quarter we offer five, graduate-level, four-credit courses that integrate seamlessly into our individualized MS Engineering,  Engineering with a Concentration in Management, Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science programs and, in some cases, our Bioengineering program. 

Fall quarter
Winter quarter 

Spring quarter 


Example schedule:
4 courses (16 credit hours)
3 courses (12 credit hours) plus
    1 one-credit professional development course
4 courses (16 credit hours) plus
    1 zero-credit assessment course
45 quarter hours
(for the cost of 36 credits)

 The three-course quarter could be done in the fall or spring instead, or you can take four courses each quarter and end up with 49 credit hours.

Focus Areas

Our core and technical elective courses are taught by very dedicated and knowledgeable faculty.  The courses fall into the following four focus areas, which also align closely with our faculty's research

  • thermal fluids (Computational Fluid Dynamics, Viscous Flow, Convective Heat Transfer, etc.)
  • solids and materials (Composites, Finite Element Analysis, Fatigue/Fracture, etc.)
  • dynamic systems (Intermediate Dynamics, Mechanisms, Controls, etc.)
  • bioengineering (Biomechanics, Biofluids, Computational Biomechanics, etc.)

For students with interdisciplinary interests or needs, we allow our students to take courses from electrical and computer engineering and we accept one business course towards the total credit-hour requirements.

More Information

For more information, contact Dr. Matt Gordon (, Chair of the Mechanical and Materials Engineering Department or Dr. Yun-Bo Yi (, Graduate Program Coordinator. 

Apply today. We are on a continuous enrollment with an estimated one-month turnaround time on applications.