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Daniel Felix Ritchie School of Engineering & Computer Science Department of Mechanical & Materials Engineering

Mechanical and Materials Engineering

Student Profiles

Sean S.

Hometown: West Chester, PA

Degree Program:  M.S. Mechanical Engineering

Best Experience at DU:  My best experience at DU was participating in May Days, a school tradition.  Additionally, I love DU because of the close proximity to the ski resorts.

Why I chose DU:  I chose DU for the graduate program and opportunity to work with Dr. Laz and Dr. Rullkoetter in the Computational Biomechanics Lab, as well as for the location in Denver, CO.

Tracy S.

Hometown: Oakland, CA

Degree Program:  M.S. Mechanical Engineering

Best Experience at DU:  My most memorable experience was attending a DU hockey game rival, Colorado College.  The energy in the student section is so alive and a ton of fun.

Why I chose DU:  I chose DU for the engineering program and the research assistantship opportunity.  I also have a love for the mountains and the Denver, CO area is a great place to live.

Bryan B.


Hometown:  Colorado Springs, CO

Degree Program:  PhD Mechanical Engineering

Best Experience at DU:  The PhD qualifying exam.  The design project was a challenge, but enjoyable.  

Why I chose DU:  I selected the engineering program at DU because of the research opportunities available here.  Although DU's graduate program is relatively small, some of the research groups here are doing research at the highest level.  By working in one of these groups I allowed the opportunity to develop a skill set, and publish my work in top class journals.  At larger universities it is often the case that a student will finish a PhD program with a very limited number of publications, but at DU there is an emphasis on publishing results, and the graduate students who do the work are given credit in turn by receiving authorship.  

Jim T.


Hometown: Sidney, NE

Degree Program:  M.S. & PhD

Best Experience at DU:  I was a non-traditional student that worked full time while earning my degree.  Rather than enrolling in a special "non-traditional" program.  I was able to attend classes alongside the traditional graduate students.  DU was great about making the graduate class schedule accessible to students who also worked full time.

Why I chose DU:  DU provides a more personal approach to education, accessible professors and a reputation for academic excellence .