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Daniel Felix Ritchie School of Engineering & Computer Science Department of Mechanical & Materials Engineering

Engineering & Computer Science

Industry Partnership Overview

The Daniel Felix Ritchie School of Engineering and Computer Science (Ritchie School) is committed to active collaboration with business and industry in the design, implementation, and assessment of educational and research programs within the School. Through the input of the school's Visiting Board and the departmental Industrial Advisory Boards, feedback from our coop and internship partners, and faculty sabbaticals in industry settings, The Ritchie School is able to maintain an education program relevant to the current and emerging needs of the marketplace.


The Ritchie School has built a reputation by providing business and industry with uniquely prepared scientific and technical employees. Ritchie School graduates have received an education preparing them for the marketplace through multidisciplinary programs that emphasize innovative integration, teamwork and communication skills.

We are striving to broaden our collaborative activity and enhance our reputation as an institution that has uniquely positioned itself to partner with business and industry in the entrepreneurial quest to develop innovative responses to emerging needs and opportunities in the global marketplace.

Please contact us for additional information, or to discuss how we can collaborate with your organization to build and effective and mutually productive partnership.   

Training and Continuing Education

Recognizing the intensifying need to continuously update employees' knowledge and skills, an increasing number of companies are including a "strategic learning component" in their overall strategic plans. As part of those plans, The Ritchie School works with companies to deliver comprehensive training and development programs.

The school provides a number of ways to ensure that employees are equipped with up-to-date skills, and prepared to meet the challenges of the evolving workplace.

  • Traditional degree programs for employees who want to pursue post baccalaureate education
  • Certificate programs tailored to companies' specific training needs
  • Single or multi-day short courses delivered either on the DU campus or on location
  • One or two week intensive state-of-the-art technical specialty programs

We can also design special programs in conjunction with other schools on campus such as the Daniels College of Business, the College of Law and the College of Education.

Please contact Paul Forsberg, Assistant Dean, for further information if you have a specific training need in your company.  

Technology Transfer

The Ritchie School and the Technology Transfer Office are committed to the pursuit and support of enterprise and entrepreneurship. DU has established a network of researchers, investors, legal counsel and business people to facilitate the process of transforming ideas into commercial applications. This network has the flexibility and creativity to form partnerships, joint ventures, licensing agreements and spin-off companies.

The Ritchie School faculty and students are engaged in patent-producing research. DU's Patent Rights Committee evaluates the commercial potential of research and secures intellectual property rights before joining with business partners to go to market. The school provides research expertise to help inventors and patent holders investigate the feasibility of their ideas. DU has the resources to help bring those ideas to the marketplace.

  • The Ritchie School provides expertise to companies submitting SBIR/STTR proposals
  • The Ritchie School has contact with a broad network of investors looking for viable ideas to commercialize
  • The Ritchie School joins in joint appropriations requests to state, federal and international governments