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Daniel Felix Ritchie School of Engineering & Computer Science Department of Mechanical & Materials Engineering

Mechanical and Material Engineering

Student Profiles

Tyler G.


Hometown:  Portland, OR Degree Program:  B.S. Mechanical Engineering & M.B.A.

What has been your favorite experience at DU?  My favorite experience at DU was testing integration robots at 3 AM in Observatory Park. 

Why did you select the engineering program at DU?  I selected the engineering program at DU because of the close community of students, professors and staff.  I have all the resources I could need accessible to me.



Lynsey S.


Hometown:  Stratton, CO Degree Program:  B.S. Mechanical Engineering & M.S. Bioengineering

What has been your favorite experience at DU?  One of my favorite experiences at DU was my senior design project.  I created an instrumented bicycle where strain gages were placed upon the seat and handlebars.  I created a program within LabVIEW and using the data acquisition unit I created an interface that showed real time data of a rider upon the bicycle and the amount of force and strain on the components upon a computer screen.  It was a great experience because I broadened my knowledge of analyzing and creating circuits and working within LabVIEW, both which are great skills to use in the future

Why did you select the engineering program at DU?  I selected the program because I fell in love with the school and the engineering program.  I liked how it was a small program where you were able to get a lot of one-on-one time with your professors so you were able to fully learn and understand concepts.  It seemed like one of those programs where everyone within the school knew each other and you can really get to know your fellow engineers, no matter their concentration.  Also, there was a 4+1 program where I could receive my bachelors in Mechanical Engineering and my masters in Bioengineering.