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Daniel Felix Ritchie School of Engineering & Computer Science Department of Mechanical & Materials Engineering

Mechanical and Materials Engineering

Undergraduate Research


An active part of learning at DU includes undergraduate research.  Students are encouraged to think beyond the textbook and apply their knowledge to current projects.  

Faculty members eagerly involve students in current research to expand a student's thought process and allow them to gain "hands-on" experience.  

Summer Undergraduate Research Experience

  • We offer a summer undergraduate research experience allowing students to apply their creativity and technical knowledge to current or innovative projects.
  • Summer research funding can be obtained either through the Undergraduate Research Center or directly through faculty funding.
  • This opportunity lasts 2-3 months and includes a stipend for students and supervision by a faculty member. 

PINS and Undergraduate Research

  • Students wishing to participate in faculty research projects during the school year may be eligible for participation in Partners in Scholarship (PINS) or Undergraduate Research Assistantships (URA's).
  • PINS is a university-wide program in which a student performs research in conjunction with a faculty member. 
  • URA's work directly with faculty, often for compensation, on current research efforts.
  • Students can read about faculty research interests on their individual faculty pages or look at the list of current faculty research projects to identify a possible match. 
  • Such work enhances the student's ability to compete for scholarships, internships, entrance to graduate study and permanent employment.
  • A limited number of these are available and are typically restricted to upper-division students with good academic backgrounds.
  • An agreement with a specific faculty member is required and the URA is requested by, and granted to, the faculty member.