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Daniel Felix Ritchie School of Engineering & Computer Science

Extreme Sports Summer Camp

Extreme Sports Summer Camp

Teacher Application


Dr. Corinne Lengsfeld has obtained funding from the Daniels and Dorr Foundations for the summer of 2010 to train 8 high and middle school STEM teachers in an engineering program. Her desire is to connect with directors and managers of 4 institutions to recruit 2 teachers from each institution.

The teachers are required to commit 14 days in the summer (mid June likely) to this activity. Each will receive $2850 in stipend. In the past this training has been accepted by Denver and Douglas Counties as continuing education credit.

Each institution that sends 2 teachers will gain access to approximately $4,000 for purchasing equipment for their institution to implement all or portions of this program. The institution and teachers gain access to all the lecture and lab materials they are trained in.

Additionally, there will be DU graduate student teaching assistant support for the 2010-2011 year. The partner institutions will work with Dr. Lengsfeld to assess the impact of the program additions to their school and to individual student participants.

Video and additional information regarding the types of labs and experiences that the outcome of the training will produce can be found at

Please feel free to distribute this request to your colleagues at other Colorado institutions. Dr. Lengsfeld would like to finalize the institutional partners before May 1st.

Due to grant obligations, our goal is to work with a wide range of institutions but that there is a priority to help those that (1) serve minority or disadvantaged populations or (2) have programs that serve minority or disadvantaged populations.

Those interested should call or contact Dr. Lengsfeld at to discuss options, opportunities etc.