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Shared Services Center

University of Denver

Shared Services Center


Our mission is to support the DU community by providing high-quality human resources, payroll, finance, and procurement services. We are committed to the highest level of customer service and to the on-going development of staff expertise.


The DU Shared Services Center will be a trusted and innovative partner delivering exemplary administrative services in support of the DU community.

Shared Services Center Location

The Shared Services Center is now located in Aspen Hall. Please direct all new hires to submit their I9 documentation to the new customer service desk in Aspen Hall (2280 S. Vine Street –south wing).

Aspen Hall is not ADA accessible, so if individuals are unable to access the building please contact 303-871-7420 to request an appointment at an accessible location.


Services managed by the SSC

  • Human Resources services
    • Process and application of all personnel transactions
    • Employment verification and compliance
    • Benefits enrollment and maintenance
    • Posting of jobs and recruiting support
  • Financial services
    • Managing vendor payments systems
    • Managing P-card program and processing
    • Processing of reimbursement payments
  • Payroll services
    • Managing and administering payroll system
    • Time and attendance compliance
  • Procurement services
    • Requisition and purchase order processing
    • Procurement contract administration
    • Transactional vendor management
    • Sourcing management


The Shared Services Center is implementing process and system changes with enhancements that will streamline workflows for several tasks (such as Human Resources personnel transactions, time and attendance compliance, P-card administration and reconciliation, travel and expense processing, procurement contract administration, and electronic procurement). As projects are implemented, employees in units who perform these tasks will spend less time on them and will be able to perform other functions and services in the unit.


What this will do:

  • Fully automate time and attendance recording and approval in system integrated with Banner, HR, and Payroll
  • Improve workforce productivity by reducing manual and time-consuming administrative tasks and freeing your staff for more value-added activities
  • Minimize compliance risk by enforcing and tracking complex compliance requirements, such as FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act) and union rules

Key dates:

  • Summer 2016 – expansion to exempt employees for leave reporting

What it means for employees who perform these transactions in units:

  • Eliminates the manual time entry and time approval process completed in Banner each bi-weekly pay period
  • Eliminates paper timesheets
  • Eliminates any manual calculations of hours worked
  • Managers are able to view all employees in summary view for ease of use in application

Training will be available as follows:

  • Manager and supervisor training will be provided in advance of going live on new system
  • Job aid tools have been developed and provided to employees to assist them in conversion to new systems

If you manage employees who perform time and attendance transactions for your unit:

  • Work with your unit leadership to know the impact of streamlining these transactions on employee workloads and adjust job duties as needed

Kronos FAQ


What is the Shared Services Center?

The Shared Services Center (SSC) is a unit at DU designed to simplify and improve the quality of human resources, financial, payroll and procurement transactions performed by, and on behalf of, employees of the University. The aim of the SSC is to improve the quality of these core services by streamlining processes, automating processes, gaining economies of scale and developing individuals to have deep skills and knowledge in campus policies and processes.

What services will be provided?

The Shared Services Center will implement process and system changes and enhancements that will streamline workflows for several tasks (such as Human Resources personnel transactions, time and attendance compliance, P-card administration and reconciliation, travel and expense processing, purchasing contract administration and electronic procurement).

What are the benefits of setting up this center?

The primary benefit is an increase in the quality, speed and efficiency of core transactional processes. Simpler processes enabled by technology will reduce turnaround times for critical processes like recruiting, contracting for goods and services, getting reimbursed for travel expenses, on-boarding new employees, and many others. An additional benefit will be the time and capacity gained by units who will see a reduction in the time required to perform core business processes. There will be fewer error rates on processes which will further increase overall turnaround times and reduce institutional risk and liability.