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GSSWGraduate School of Social Work

GSSW Board of Visitors

  • Yourtz

    Gary Yourtz, Chair

    "At my core, I am a believer in social justice. The Graduate School of Social Work embodies that value. The return on my investment is beyond anything I've seen in business. Supporting the education of altruistic social work students translates to a growing workforce that will effect change for vulnerable populations. By supporting students, we are making the world a better place for generations to come."
  • Abrahams

    Helene Abrahams

    "I am honored to be serving on the Graduate School of Social Work's Board of Visitors to help make a difference in the lives of GSSW students."

  • Aleinikoff

    Debbie Aleinikoff

    "Because of rising tuition, GSSW must reach out to a wider demographic of students. Technology offers us many possibilities to expand our student base, making this an exciting, interesting and challenging time to be involved in education through the Board of Visitors. I am also drawn to the wonderful programs in GSSW's Institute for Human-Animal Connection."

  • Bortz

    Libby Bortz

    "I am serving on the GSSW Board of Visitors because of my passionate belief that the social work profession plays a critical role in the effort to humanize this world. I will do whatever I can do to further the mission of GSSW and also express my appreciation for the education and skills I developed during my GSSW education."

  • Edwards

    Jana Edwards

    "My experience on another university's Professional Advisory Council convinced me that an advisory board of community professionals could provide an effective means to improve the relationship between the University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work and the community. I have worked with Dean Williams since he came to our school to see this vision come to fruition." 

  • Eid

    Troy Eid

    "As a former prosecutor involved with criminal and civil justice reform, I'm committed to strengthening social service delivery systems and wrap-around services. Preventing crime and conflict, and effectively resolving differences to bring healing and reconciliation where possible, means enhancing the quality and capabilities of our social services. It's a privilege to support the Graduate School of Social Work in this mission."

  • Gilmore

    Grover 'Cleve' Gilmore

    "I am proud to be a member of the GSSW Board of Visitors. As an educator, I find it stimulating to learn about the innovative social work education programs at the University of Denver. Under the leadership of Dean James Herbert Williams, the school is an exciting place for students and faculty. The commitment of all members to significant service in the community is inspiring."

  • Godenzi

    Alberto Godenzi

    "It has been a delight to serve on the Board of Visitors at a social work program that has been making great strides in recent years. It is encouraging to see that a great institution of higher education like the University of Denver is proud of its graduate school of social work and makes the necessary investments to help the program achieve its ambitious goals. On a personal level, I enjoy working with my distinguished colleague and friend Dean Williams."

  • Ben Lewis

    Ben Lewis

    "When I met Dean James Herbert Williams shortly after his arrival in Denver, I was impressed with his professionalism and his desire for community connections. Because my youngest daughter was a GSSW graduate, I had further reason to support James Herbert's efforts to bring renewed enthusiasm to GSSW. I was pleasantly surprised when James Herbert asked me to serve on the school's Board of Visitors, an offer I quickly accepted. I'm delighted to help increase the Denver metropolitan community's awareness of the school's outstanding programs. I truly believe that GSSW is an asset to a community that is strengthened even more by those grads who stay and work here." 

  • Makovsky

    Evi Makovsky

    "Social work education provided me with an amazing knowledge base and skills to be not only a clinical social worker, but also a community builder, mediator and attorney. I am forever grateful to GSSW for the doors that my social work education opened for me. As a member of the Board of Visitors, I have the opportunity to pay it forward and help provide those wonderful opportunities and insights for the next generation."

  • Roath

    Margaret Roath

    "I serve on the Board of Visitors for GSSW because I am very passionate about providing financial help for the students interested in clinical practice and because I care about the quality of education provided to all social work students."

  • Youlon Savage

    Youlon Savage

    "I serve on the Board of Visitors and other GSSW committees as partial payback for the professional education I received at GSSW – an education that enabled me to have a very successful career as a behavioral healthcare administrator."

  • Villarosa

    Clara Villarosa

    "I serve on GSSW's Board of Visitor because I believe social work skills and applications have a broad value that is beneficial across disciplines and careers. By keeping in touch with my educational roots, I am utilizing my experience to positively influence the educational process of social work." 

  • Winn

    Phil Winn

    "GSSW is a highly respected institution. I was honored and delighted when Dean Williams invited me to serve on its Board of Visitors. The meetings are always very interesting and stimulating."

  • Wynne

    Alec Wynne

    "Being on the Board of Visitors enables me to continue my passion of giving back to the Bridge Project by better understanding the key issues and concerns that face GSSW."