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GSSWGraduate School of Social Work

Kathryn Ross

Clinical Associate Professor
MSW, University of Denver


  • field education
  • community practice
  • mind-body social work


Clinical Associate Professor Kathryn Ross is part of GSSW's field education team, coordinating field sites, meeting individually with students, acting as a field liaison and serving on various committees. Previously, she was a field supervisor for nine years.

Ross' other professional experience includes wilderness programming, social work with high-risk youth and families, job-training, and preventative program development. Her interest in community mind-body social work includes yoga and the integration of spirit into daily practice.

Ross serves as faculty director for the University's Wellness Living and Learning Community, a program in which undergraduate students live together as a group and take seminar classes focused on wellness.

At GSSW, Ross teaches in the clinical skills lab, foundation-year community practice courses and the foundation field seminar. She also is a field instructor for students completing their internships at Yoga for the People, an organization she founded and for which she served as executive director.

See Web page and CV.