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Online Master of Social Work

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Online Master of Social Work with a concentration in Mental Health and Trauma. 


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University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work

Online MSW: Create Positive Change

You've always had a passion for people. You've seen or experienced the impact of oppression and injustice on the lives of individuals, families and communities. You are eager to gain skills that create social justice. You've been contemplating the next step to help shape your future but feel discouraged by the limitations of on-campus curriculum. We are here to help, to mentor and to drive your career forward so you can create positive change.

We offer MSW@Denver an Online Master of Social Work with a concentration in Mental Health and Trauma. Earn an accredited Master of Social Work degree with the benefits of online learning:

  • Flexible course scheduling
  • Courses taught by the same, experienced faculty as on-campus students
  • Learning management system that promotes an inclusive peer and faculty community

More information about MSW@Denver:

  • Concentration is mental health and trauma  
  • Program duration is 2 years and 3 months (9 quarters)
  • Four quarters focus on the foundation curriculum which includes basic knowledge of intervention skills and techniques
  • Five quarters focus on the mental health and trauma curriculum which includes knowledge of intervention skills emphasizing cognitive approaches, trauma informed care, substance abuse and more
  • You will participate in weekly live class sessions with their professors and classmates, up to 4 hours per week. You have the ability to choose the live class time that works best you're your schedule.
  • Learn more about the curriculum by quarter

More information about MSW@Denver field internships:

  • A field placement specialist works one-on-one with students to find a field placement site near each student's community that is school-approved and aligns with each student's goals and passions.
  • You complete two internships - one during the foundation year (12 hours per week) and one during the concentration year (15 hours per week).  
  • Your foundation year internship focuses on the values, knowledge and skills of the social work profession.  
  • Your concentration year internship provides a more in-depth experience in mental health and trauma in a community agency of your choice.

Application Information: 

The next online MSW class starts in January 2018. Beginning in 2018, we will accept students into MSW@Denver every quarter. The application for the January, March, June and September 2018 classes will be available summer 2017. Please request information if you'd like us to notify you when the application is available.

A completed application includes all of the following:


You may submit unofficial transcripts for an initial review of your application. If admitted, you must provide official transcripts from all institutions attended. If you submit them electronically, have them sent to


We prefer one academic recommendation and one professional recommendation.


This should include all work related experience. 

Career goals statement (essay)

The Admission Committee considers your Career Goals Statement to be an essential part of your application. Other factors such as
cumulative grade point average and social work related experience are also important, but who you are, why you wish to enter the
social work profession, and how you write and think critically are major factors that committee members consider when reviewing
your application. Respond openly and honestly to each section. The average statement length is approximately five pages; submissions exceeding seven pages are discouraged. Please double-space your statement, use a font size of no less than 10.

A. Rationale

Discuss the primary reasons for your desire to pursue your Master of Social Work (MSW) degree.

B. Attributes and Liabilities

Please identify your strengths, and briefly discuss any knowledge and/or skills that you might need to improve in order to successfully complete the requirements of GSSW's MSW program.

C. Employment and Volunteer Experience

Please identify and briefly discuss the relationship between your previous employment and/or volunteer experiences and your decision to pursue an MSW.

D. Education

Please discuss the relationship between your undergraduate education and your preparedness to complete GSSW's MSW program.

E. Life Experiences

Discuss how your personal experiences have led you to a career in social work. Many people enter this field because of life experiences that have resulted in a desire to help others. Often these experiences can be transformed into passions and strengths that fuel one's career or can impede one's ability to develop professionally. Please include any relevant life experiences and the way in which you have dealt with them. Be advised that we are a strengths-based profession, and our interest is in seeing how these life experiences have influenced your decision to become a professional social worker.

F. Social Work Values and Ethics

Discuss how your personal values and experiences have prepared you to meet the ethical obligation of social workers to practice without discrimination and with respect, knowledge and skills related to clients' age, class, color, culture, disability, ethnicity, family structure,gender, marital status, national origin, race, religion, sex and sexual orientation. How do your personal values relate to this ethical obligation? What are some experiences that you have had that demonstrate your willingness to fulfill this ethical obligation?

Application Fee

The nonrefundable application fee is $65.00.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Which concentrations are offered in the online program?

MSW@Denver offers the Mental Health and Trauma concentration in the online program. In this concentration, you apply a critical lens, cultural responsiveness, and empowerment theory to actualize social work’s value of social justice. You focus on clinical and community-based interventions, advanced theory and research related to mental health, substance use and trauma. Coursework and field internships emphasize the assessment of mental health and substance use, skills in crisis intervention and suicide risk assessment, and policy related to mental health and health care.

Is MSW@Denver accredited?

The program is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE).

Will my diploma indicate that I earned my degree online?

No. Your diploma will show that you earned an MSW from the University of Denver.

What is the student-to-faculty ratio?

MSW@Denver classes are kept small to foster collaboration, discussion, and relationship-building. Our student-to-faculty ratio is approximately 15:1.

When does the next class begin?

The next MSW@Denver class begins in January 2018.

I am a US citizen living abroad. Am I eligible for this program?

Currently, students must reside in the United States to be eligible for the MSW@Denver program.

Can I speak with an admissions counselor to learn more about the program before I apply?

You can contact an admissions counselor at any time to discuss the program one-on-one. The admissions team can be reached at 303-871-2841 or

If I do not have access to transportation, how does that affect my internship selection?

Our field placement specialists will make every effort to find appropriate internship sites based on your needs; however, your options could be limited and your internship could be delayed if you do not drive or have access to public transportation.

What is the online course experience in the MSW@Denver program?

Our online courses include live, face-to-face classes and rigorous online course work. Our faculty members work with a team of experienced producers to bring their courses to life in a collaborative online environment. Course work includes discussions between faculty and students, video case studies, presentations, and interactive elements that enable professors to see your progress and leave comments and feedback.

What happens if I have difficulties with the technology?

MSW@Denver provides you with a dedicated student support adviser who will work with you throughout your time in the program to acclimate you to the technology and answer your questions. You will also have access to live technical support during each class session.

What are other services available to online students?

Student support advisors work with online students throughout the program and provide extensive orientation, training and support including registration support, technology support, resume prep and interview coaching.


NOTE: GSSW also offers the MSW program at three locations in Colorado, including our main campus in Denver. Visit our main website to learn more about our other MSW programs.