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Interterm Classes

Biostatistics Online

BIOL 3110- 4 credits

Dates: August 15 -30, 2014
Days: Monday - Friday
Times: Online
Instructor: Jim Fogleman

Description: This is a two week, online interterm course that covers computer-aided statistical analysis and hypothesis testing, focusing on experiments and data unique to the biological sciences. It is an entry-level course that does not presume any previous statistical experience. We begin with elementary statistical characterization of data and progress through the commonly used statistical tests. The emphasis is on the proper use of statistical tools and graphing and how to interpret the results of statistical analysis.

Expected Learning Outcomes: at the competition of the course, students should be able to
• Characterize the central tendency and dispersion of data (using Excel)
• Formulate an appropriate hypothesis regarding data
• Statistically test the hypothesis using (using Excel)
• Interpret the results of the statistical test and form an appropriate conclusion relative to the hypothesis
• Graph the data and indicate statistical results on the graph (using Excel)

Contact: Jim Fogleman 

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