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Interterm Classes

Observing, Data Analysis & Meyer-Womble Observatory atop Mt. Evans

PHYS 2063- 4 credits

Dates: August 18 -29, 2014
Days: Monday - Friday
Times: 10 am -5 pm
Instructor: Robert Stencel

Description: In this course, students with develop and refine facility and experience with telescopes, software, methods, catalogs, libraries, instruments (particularly CCD cameras), and assorted contents of the universe. Participants will use the Student Astronomy Lab and/or internet telescope(s) for observing projects and variable star monitoring, as well as the occasional use of the 20 inch Clark/Saegmuller refractor for observing, measuring and practicing public instruction. Students will make at least one visit the Meyer-Womble Observatory atop Mt. Evans in order to use the observatory telescopes. Math tools will include algebra, statistics, calculus, Excel, Mathcad, IDL, C++, etc. Each student will select an observing project to develop during the term, pursue data collection and analysis, and report results on a personal website and in poster format.

Contact: Robert Stencel 

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