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Photography and San Francisco

Photography and San Francisco

ARTS 3701 - 4 credits

Dates: March 18 - 24, 2013
Days: Monday - Sunday
Location: San Francisco, California
Instructor: Roddy MacInnes and Rupert Jenkins
Registration Deadline: February 18, 2013

Description: This thought provoking and engaging course is designated to increase students' skill level as photographers and to increase student appreciation for the use of photography as an expressive medium. Participants will visit world-class photography museums and galleries, as well as scenic points of interest in and around San Francisco. Participants will also actively celebrate personal histories of photography by documenting their course experience through photography and writing assignments. The class will celebrate the influence of photography, past and present, with an emphasis on how photography is used in the expression of cultural and personal identities. 

Through on-going group and individual photography instruction and demonstrations, this course will also provide students with an opportunity to increase their technical expertise and confidence as photographers. Completing photography assignments and participating in critiques will provide the opportunity to further advance your skill level as a photographer, and also encourage you to continue developing an artistic and aesthetic way of seeing. As active participants in this class, students will be required to engage in critical analysis of photography and culture. Most importantly, students are encouraged to have fun while continuing to advance photography skills, increase self-awareness, celebrate intellectual curiosity, and gain further appreciation for the inter-connectedness of life.

This course is open to students of all skill levels. Instructor permission required.

Contact: Roddy MacInnes at

Approximate travel costs*:

Airfare: $350 (Students are responsible for making their own flight arrangements.)
Program fee: $1000 (Covers lodging, gallery and museum fees if applicable, most ground transportation and two group meals)
Ground Transportation:  $60 (Students responsible for transportation to and from airports.)
Cancellation fee: $1000 (Non-refundable, applied to student account in the event student drops the course.)
*Tuition fees apply and are in addition to travel expenses.