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ARTH 3910: Venice Biennale of Art

Venice Biennale of Art

ARTH 3910 - 4 credits

Travel Dates Arrive by June 10th and depart June 17th or later
Course Dates: June  10 - 17, 2013
Location: Venice, Italy
Instructors: Marisa Lerer & Conor McGarrigle
Registration Deadline: May 1 or when course is full

Description: This class uses the 55th Venice Biennale: The Encyclopedic Palace as a classroom for engaging with and understanding contemporary art. Students will explore the history of the biennale and its relationship to contemporary art practices. Topics to be covered in this course are the art market, the commissioning process, controversies around and protests against the biennale. Additional special topics that the course investigates include the history of new media art at the biennale, the role of developing nations, and internationally curated pavilion exhibition spaces. Our study will places the artworks within a social, historical, and political framework and students will learn to analyze art criticism and theories of contemporary art practices. 

Classes will take place on site at the biennale pavilions and at local Venetian contemporary art museum collections. In general, class will begin with an introduction to the specific material to be covered. This will be followed by in-depth discussion of the artworks and exhibitions as well as writing assignments to help students prepare for their larger writing projects. Participation in class discussions is always expected and encouraged. 

Approximate Travel Costs*:

Airfare: $1800 (Students are responsible for making their own flight arrangements.)
Program Fee:

$1400 (Covers accommodation, Biennale and museum entrance feesm Vaporetta pass, three group meals and guest lectures)

Cancellation Fee:

$1400 (Applied in the event student drops the course after having been officially registered.)

*Tuition fees apply and are in addition to travel expenses. These expenses are approximate and therefore subject to change.

Contact: Marisa Lerer at or Conor McGarrigle at

SPACE IS LIMITED TO 16 STUDENTS. Applications are being accepted  until May 1, 2013 OR until the course is full.   Application forms available online.