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Doing Business with and in China

Doing Business with and in China: Value Chain Connections Across the U.S., Taiwan, and China

MGMT 3700/4700 - 4 credits

Dates: Arrive in Taipei by the morning of Dec. 8, 2013
Depart from Foshan on Dec. 20, 2013
Location: Taiwan and China
Instructor: Zaid Safiulla with consultation from Bob McGowan
Registration Deadline: Oct. 1, 2013
Mandatory Orientation: October 11, 2013 1-4 pm (location TBD)

*This course can count toward INTS 1500: Contemporary Issue in the Global Economy or MGMT 2420: International Management.

Description: China plays a pivotal role in the global economy.  Daily, multinational companies from all over the globe enter into China to sell products or to set up supplier agreements. Given its central status, firsthand knowledge of Chinese business practices is critical for success in the global economy. 

Students in this travel class will learn about doing business not only in China but also in the associated economy of Taiwan. The course begins with an orientation session at DU focusing on U.S. companies' experiences with China and Taiwan, and preparing for the upcoming trip. Students then travel to Taiwan. Through day trips, company visits and cultural tours, students will be exposed to how Taiwanese companies conduct business and interact with American and Chinese companies. This will include a visit to a top university and time to interact with Taiwanese business students. Following this, students will visit two cities in China, Foshan and Shunde, to explore business operations and the local culture. 

Prerequisites:  Junior, senior or graduate standing & instructors' permission

Approximate Travel Costs*:

Airfare to and from Asia: $1,500 (Students are responsible for making flight arrangements to and from Asia.)
Visa (China): $200 (Students are responsible for obtaining a passport and visas where applicable.)
Program Fee: $2,400 (Covers lodging, inter-Asia flights, and most ground transportation.)

Cancellation Fee: 

$2,400 (Applied to student's account if course is dropped.)


$30 per day

*These are estimates and subject to change. Tuition fees apply and are in addition to travel expenses.

Contact:  Zaid Safiulla at

SPACE IS LIMITED. Applications are being accepted now. Deadline to apply is October 1, 2013.  Application forms available online.