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Staff Advisory Council meeting spot, the Mary Reed Building

About the Staff Advisory Council

Staff Awards

Nominations are now closed for 2014.

Eligibility Guidelines

  1. Nominations must be for a regular full-time or part-time appointed staff employee. The employee must have at least one year (12 months) of appointed service at the University of Denver (faculty, Deans and students are not eligible).
  2. Any University of Denver staff member, faculty member, student or alumni may make nominations. Anonymous entries are not accepted.
  3. A panel of staff members established by the Staff Advisory Council will select winners.
  4. Recipients are not eligible for the same award in consecutive years.
  5. Senior staff are ineligible.


These prestigious awards are not to be given lightly. When making your nominations, please look for a person who or a department that has gone above and beyond for the University.

Outstanding Service Award

The highest honor presented each year is the Outstanding Service Award. This award will recognize a person who exemplifies the mission of the University of Denver.

When nominating a staff person for this award, please give examples of how this person has fostered and promoted collaboration and cooperation on the DU campus. How has this staff member demonstrated caring, responsiveness, accountability and courtesy in his or her interactions with others? Have they promoted their department within the campus? Have they taken on an unpopular project for the good of the campus?

Quality Department Award

This award is designed to honor the staff of a DU department for outstanding quality service to the DU community.

When nominating a department for this award, please give examples of how they have promoted quality service through open communication, creativity, ethical behavior, integrity, caring and close individual attention. Have they gone beyond their established duties to foster quality service affecting not only their department but also students, faculty, other departments on campus and/or the surrounding community?

Crimson and Gold Award

This civic engagement award is designed to give recognition to an employee who displays outstanding commitment to and support of the University. This can be exemplified by participation in volunteer activities within the University, staff members who are on committees to improve campus life for students, faculty and staff, and those who are always available to help with campus activities that are not part of their daily jobs.

The winner of this award should be a standard for others at DU to uphold. When nominating a person for this award, please give examples of their committee or volunteer work and how they promote the values of DU.

See past award winners.