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Student Email

University of Denver

Student Email

In response to student concerns regarding the limited size of DU email accounts/boxes, the University researched what other colleges and universities are providing. DU has decided to provide email forwarding to off-campus email service providers who are equipped to meet the growing demand for storage capacity. Students will maintain their mailing address but must set up a "preferred" off-campus email address to which their mail automatically will be forwarded.

Between October 1, 2010 and March 20, 2011, students will be asked to log into and set up a "preferred" off-campus email address. When the new address is updated, all future email sent to the address will automatically forward to the new preferred off-campus address. A verification email will be sent to the "preferred" email address, and the student will have 10 days to move any email in the DU email account to the new address before the DU email account/box is deleted. In essence, students will have a address but not an account/box to hold emails. email addresses will continue to be used in campus applications such as Blackboard, Portfolio and the online student directory. Official University communications will continue to be sent to the address . It is important that students maintain their "preferred" off-campus address and email account to insure that important information from University offices, faculty and colleagues is received.

Beginning October 1, 2010 all students will receive email notification that will provide specific instructions for forwarding email. Students who have not set up the "preferred" off-campus address and forward will continue to get email reminders until March 20, 2011. Students must set up a "preferred" off-campus address BEFORE March 20, 2011 and move any messages they wish to keep from their DU email box by March 30, 2011. All e mail stored in a student's DU email account will permanently deleted after March 30, 2011.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I continue to use my address?

You may use your DU-provided email address while attending DU. Regardless of which "preferred" off-campus email address you choose, your address will remain the same.

How can I copy my emails stored in my DU email account to the new address?

If you only want to save a small number of emails, the easiest method to move them to your new off-campus address is to simply email them to the new address. If you have a larger number of messages that you would like to transfer to your new email address, your "preferred" email provider may offer instructions for how to do this.

Some providers (such as Gmail) will allow you to drag-and-drop folders from your DU email account to the new account. Additionally, many have web-based IMAP and/or POP3 tools that will import mail in batch quantities.

If you would like help saving your email locally to your laptop or desktop, or need further guidance, please contact the UTS Help Desk at 303-871-4700.

How do I choose my provider?

Although DU does not officially endorse the use of a particular email service, we recommend you choose a provider that supports the following:

  • A US based service
  • A web-based interface
  • Email is stored and accessed on the server (IMAP support)
  • Accepts delivery of regular attachment types (Please see for more information
  • Provide a method for virus scanning in attachments
  • Provide a reasonable attachment size limit (DU?s limit is 30MB)
  • A security policy that meets or exceeds your expectations

For the most part, the larger providers such as Gmail, Yahoo!, Hotmail,, and AOL meet these criteria.A comparison chart of popular email providers can be found here:

The UTS Computer Help Center has put up some online self-help instructions how to migrate your account to Gmail. These step-by-step instructions will help you in configuring Gmail to send outgoing messages using your account (step 1). Additionally, these instructions provide information how import the email messages found in your inbox (step 2).

How do I set up a preferred off-campus email address?

To set up a preferred off-campus email address, please follow these instructions.

How will faculty, staff, and colleagues know they are receiving emails from me?

Selecting a suitable "preferred" off-campus email address is important. We recommend that you choose an off-campus email address that reflects your real name in some fashion (e.g.,,, etc.) so that it is easier for faculty and staff to recognize who you are.

We also suggest that you use a reputable service such as an ISP (Comcast, Qwest) or one of the major free web-based providers (Gmail , Yahoo!, Hotmail, or AOL). Using a reputable service helps keep spam scores low when passing through email filters and separates your email from malicious senders.

What happens to my webmail/pioneerweb email account?

Your webmail/pioneerweb email account will remain active until 10 days after you have registered your new "preferred" off-campus email address. Once the 10 day period has passed, all the emails in your DU email account/box will be deleted and you will no longer have access to your webmail/pioneerweb email account.

Can I change my "preferred" off-campus address?

You may update your "preferred" off-campus email address at any time. Simply log onto, select the "Student" tab, and select the "Set Your Preferred Email Address" under the Student Information section. The address will update automatically within one hour of the change.

Will spam emails be filtered out before they are forwarded to me? What is the DU spam quarantine?

DU scans and discards spam and virus-infected emails sent to addresses. In order to minimize the chance that we might misidentify a legitimate email message as spam, we've developed a quarantine where users can view tagged messages before they are permanently discarded. The quarantine is web-based and uses your DU ID and passcode for authentication. Tagged emails are preserved in this repository for 28 days before they are permanently discarded. We encourage a routine check of your DU email quarantine and also recommend logging in as a first step when trying to track down a missing email.

The quarantine can be accessed here:

An FAQ can be found here.

How long will my address be active?

Your will remain active until 290 days after you graduate (or stop taking classes.) Ninety days before your email address is scheduled to be deleted, you will begin to receive email notifications that the DU email address will be removed. Email notices will be sent 90, 60, 30, 14 and 5 days before the address is deleted. Once the address is deleted, your "preferred" off-campus email will remain as a permanent record with the University for future communications. You may update this address at any time by logging into and changing the "preferred" off-campus email address.

Who can I contact for more information?

Please contact the UTS Helpdesk at 303-871-4700 or for further assistance.