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Office of Student Employment

Information for Students

ISA NomineesStudent Employment is here to help you finance your education through employment. Our goal is to connect you to jobs that can complement and reinforce your educational and career goals.

Working while attending college not only provides you with a source of money but can also help you develop valuable workplace skills, master time management and build a list of good references.

On-campus employment

Finding a student job on campus is a great way to get to know your peers and professors. Student jobs are offered in administrative offices throughout campus--departments where your employers have a good understanding of the academic demands placed upon you and have the ability to accommodate your course schedule.

Our office manages DU's work program, so if you have work-study as part of your financial aid package, we can direct you to these types of on-campus positions via PioneerWeb.

All on-campus positions that do not require work-study are managed by Human Resources, which maintains a list of job postings online. All students, regardless of financial need, are eligible to apply for those positions. To view positions, see the Department of Human Resources' Job Postings.

If you have work-study, this program includes an optional community service component that enables you to earn your award at a local nonprofit or government agency.

Off-campus employment

Our office can also connect you to off-campus jobs in the Denver area. Many of these positions are just minutes from the DU campus. On average, students in such jobs earn $12 per hour and work 16 hours per week.

Our online job board lists openings for off-campus positions that are available to all students, regardless of financial need.

Here are some tips for you to think about when applying to any job, anywhere in the world.

Beware of the following:

  • If there is not a company name or the email address does not match the company name
  • If someone offers to pay a large amount for almost no work
  • If someone offers you a job without ever interacting with you
  • If someone wants you to transfer money from one account to another
  • If someone offers to send you a check before you do any work
  • If someone asks you to give your credit card or bank account numbers or copies of personal documents—but you get nothing in writing
  • If someone says you must send payment by wire service or courier
  • If someone offers you a large payment or reward in exchange for allowing the use of your bank account; often for depositing checks or transferring money
  • If someone sends you an unexpectedly large check

The Financial Aid/Student Employment Office at the University of Denver does not research the integrity of each employer listing a job due to the volume of jobs received by this office. Therefore, you are urged to undertake this responsibility for yourself. DU's Student Employment Office acts only as a referral service and makes no particular recommendations regarding potential employers. Neither University of Denver nor the Student Employment Office makes any representation or guarantee whatsoever about any position listed on the Job Board, nor does the University of Denver or the Student Employment Office assume any responsibility for safety, wages, working conditions, or any other aspect of off-campus non-contract employment.