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Your Academic Plan

Students reviewing their academic plans.

Planning your academic career is an important part of making the most of your time at the University of Denver.

While there are a multitude of resources and support services, you are ultimately responsible for the decisions surrounding your experience.

In conjunction with the Advising Tools page, this section of our website is designed to help you create and implement a plan to take you from your first quarter at DU through to graduation. Use the Academic Planning Links at the left to navigate through the following sections:

Planning Your Coursework

With Majors, Minors, sequential courses, University Requirements and more, mapping out your time at DU, quarter to quarter, is a crucial part of a smooth journey. Let us walk you through the tools and resources available to help you navigate your way to graduation.

What If I'm Undeclared?

Taking time to explore options and possibilities is an important part of a college experience. Learn more about planning your courses as an undeclared student, choosing a Major, and other resources.

Academic Difficulty or When Things Don't Go According to Plan

Despite the best of plans, you may make choices or be faced with situations that take you off track. The most important thing is figuring out how to get back on course towards graduation. This section includes information on academic standing including probation, study tips, time management skills, and many other support resources.

Other Things to Consider

Besides standard coursework, DU offers several unique programs designed to enhance and compliment your academic experience. Find out more about everything from internships to Study Abroad.