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Your Academic Plan: Planning Your Coursework

Know Your Curriculum

While advisers are available to assist you, ultimately the more you know, the smoother your academic journey will be. Do you know how many AHUM classes you need to take to meet DU's Foundations requirement? What the requirements are for your Core Curriculum? If there are pre-requisites for any of the courses in your Major or Minor? Learn all about University Requirements and Degree Plans on our Advising Tools page.

Create a Graduation Plan

Once you have an understanding of your curriculum, sit down and plan your time at DU using a Graduation Planning Sheet. Create a map of when you plan to take what course and know what requirement it fulfills, quarter by quarter. You can get a sense of what courses will be offered in upcoming terms by using the Schedule of Classes link to the left. While you'll need to be flexible when it's time to register, having a plan means it will also be easier to be adaptable. Once you've spent some time with your plan, make an appointment with your adviser to review it and confirm that you are on track.

Advising Week and Registration Week

Advising Week is held each quarter for the upcoming quarter. In order to register, you need to make an appointment with your assigned adviser. At that time, your adviser will also give you your registration form and Alternate PIN (Personal Identification Number) code. This is different than your DU ID number. The PIN code changes from quarter to quarter, so if you've got a PIN from a previous quarter it will not be valid. PLEASE NOTE: Advising week is not the only time to be in contact with your adviser. If you have questions about courses or your graduation plan, it is perfectly acceptable and encouraged to make appointments at other times during the year.

Advising week is followed immediately by Registration Week. You will be assigned a time to log into webCentral and register. Once you have entered your PIN number and made your initial course selection, you will not need your PIN to log on should you need to return to webCentral an make changes to your schedule.

Track Your Progress

You should regularly print and review your Academic Progress Report (APR) to confirm which requirements you have fulfilled on your way to graduation. If you are unsure how to print or read your APR, please see our Advising Tools page for tutorials and step by step instructions.