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Your Academic Plan: Other Things to Consider


  • Internships can be done for credit, pay, both, or neither
  • Juniors and Seniors can receive credit (maximum 10 hours towards degree)
  • Meet with the Internship Counselor at the Career Center or the Internship Director in your Academic Department

Study Abroad

Undergraduate Research

  • PINS (PINS grants are awarded in the Fall, Winter, and Spring Quarters for undergraduate research)
  • Department Research (Faculty Sponsorship)
  • Living Learning Communities

Service Learning

Graduate School

  • Visit the Career Center and meet with your counselor to discuss your options
  • Take your major courses/classes by your sophomore year
  • Have Letters of Recommendations ready to send out
  • If necessary take appropriate exams (GRE, LSAT, GMAT, etc.)

Career Exploration

  • Visit the Career Center
  • Intern in areas that you are interested in
  • Meet with Major Adviser for potential career fields your can explore
  • Have Letters of Recommendations ready to send out
  • Participate in Mock Interviews at the Career Center or make an appointment to have your Resume & Cover letter reviewed