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Undergraduate Forms & Policies

Direct links to forms and information sheets associated with the material below can be found in the column at the left. More on Academic Policies & Procedures can be found under Quick Links.



Concurrent Degree Form


Declare or Change a Major/Minor

You are required to declare a Major when you have completed 75 credits of your undergraduate degree. The completed Declare or Change a Major Form must be submitted to the Registrar's office.

Add/Drop a Course

 The process for adding or dropping a course depends on the current week in the quarter. During the 1st week of the quarter, changes in your course schedule can be done online through your webCentral account. Changes to your schedule during weeks 2-5 of the quarter require a hard-copy form available in the Center for Academic and Career Development, located below the Bookstore in Driscoll South. Weeks 6-8 of the quarter also require the hard-copy form, along with instructor permission. After week 8 of the quarter, you may not add or drop a class and all requests must go through Academic Exceptions. After the 1st week of the quarter, all dropped courses will appear as a "W" (for withdrawal) on your transcript.

Credit Overload

You may register for up to 19 credit hours for a single quarter without approval. Approval to take 20 to 21 credits must be obtained from an adviser in the Center for Advising and Career Development through the online Credit Overload Form. A cumulative GPA of 3.0 or greater is required. Please be aware that any credit load over 18 includes additional tuition charges. For more information regarding tuition charges, contact the Bursar's Office.

Course Substitution or Waiver

 The Course Substitution or Waiver Form must be completed with the approval of your Dean, Faculty, or adviser and returned to the Office of the Registrar.

Take a Graduate Level Course as an Undergraduate

If you are in Good Academic Standing, you may be accepted to take graduate student courses (4000-4999) for undergraduate credit, but you must secure special permission with the form Take a Grad Course as an Undergraduate before registering. Please be aware, should you be considering graduate school at DU, that graduate courses taken for undergraduate credit may not be taken again for graduate credit.

Study Abroad Course Approval

The Study Abroad  course approval process for Common Curriculum courses has transitioned to Academic Departments.  You can find the appropriate form on the Study Abroad Website found at  Please remember that courses must be pre-approved in order to guarantee their transfer back to DU.

Major or Minor course approval – Contact your Major or Minor Department

Common Curriculum approval – Contact the appropriate Academic Department for the type of course you are taking abroad.  For example, if you are taking a Philosophy class, then you need to contact the Philosophy Department or if you are taking a History class you need to contact the History Department.

Petition for an Academic Exception

A committee of faculty and staff meets once each month to consider student petitions for exceptions to current academic policy, such as retroactive drop/adds or a waive in residence. Prior to completing a please review the Academic Exceptions Information Sheet for details on standards and important information to include.



The decision to withdraw from DU can have an impact beyond the current quarter you are enrolled, including tuition reimbursement, your financial aid package, and your future status as a student. Before completing the Withdrawal Form, it is important that you review the Withdrawal Information Sheet and Checklist to assure you understand the ramifications. For additional information, please see the the Registrar's site.

Leave of Absence

The Leave of Absence process begins by completing a Withdrawal Form as mentioned above. Please review the Withdrawal Information Sheet and Checklist in order to understand the impact of leaving the University. If you plan to return to DU at some point you will also want to review the Leave of Absence Policy and complete the Leave of Absence Application with an Academic Adviser in the Center for Academic and Career Development. (If you are transferring to another institution and do not plan to return to DU, only the Withdrawal Form is necessary.)


Medical Leave of Absence

A student with a serious medical condition may elect to withdraw and take a Medical Leave of Absence from the University with appropriate medical documentation.The Medical Leave of Absence process also begins by completing a Withdrawal Form. Please review the Withdrawal Information Sheet and Checklist in order to understand the impact of leaving the University. Please review the Medical Leave of Absence policy and complete the Medical Leave of Absence Application with an Academic Adviser in the Center for Academic and Career Development.     



Whether you have taken a Leave of Absence, withdrawn from DU, left DU without formally withdrawing, or have been academically suspended, you will need to review and complete the online Re-entry Form

If you are returning from Conduct Suspension, you must complete the following form;

A Medical Leave of Absence requires the Medical Re-entry forms below: