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Diversity Action Team (DAT) Advisory Board:

Diversity Action Team

The objective of the Advisory Board is to place Inclusive Excellence principles and initiatives at the center of divisional discourse and strategic planning. In doing so, Student Life Division members and our external partners will be active agents in moving diversity from infrequent rhetoric to embedded action. We will accomplish this through the following core principles:

Best Practices, the Advisory Board will offer best practices, consultation, and advice to Student Life (SL) Division departments/units on issues of Inclusive Excellence.

Professional Development; the DAT Advisory Board will continue to promote professional development as it relates to diversity through the dissemination of information, relevant articles, and upcoming conferences in the Student Lifer. 

Campus Climate, Advisory Board members will determine two to three core issues the University of Denver community is contending with relating to social justice and Inclusive Excellence, and will work actively to address these issues. Furthermore, the DAT Advisory Board will develop in collaboration with the Center of Multicultural Excellence a bias motivated incident (BMI) reporting system. The BMI reporting process will provide student life with a pulse of campus climate issues (microaggressions) that, if left unaddressed, may lead to hot-tempered circumstances. The BMI reporting system will also make apparent to victims/survivors and perpetrators of BMIs that the institution will not tolerate such behavior and respond expediently when appropriate.

Acknowledgment, the Advisory Board will continue to acknowledge the accomplishments of individuals and groups that personify DU s Inclusive Excellence philosophy through such accolades as the Pioneer in Action Leadership Award and Diversity Spotlight featured in the Student Lifer.