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Current Students

Requesting New Accommodations

You may request new or additional accommodations at any time.  DSP staff will review existing or new documentation as soon as possible to render a decision and help you make appropriate arrangements.
To request a new accommodation, or modification to an existing accommodation, students may contact DSP by email (, phone (303-871-2278) or in person.

Accommodations cannot be retroactive; they can only be applied to current or future course work or University programming.

If you need assistance in completing forms, contact DSP

Differences in testing accommodations for graduate and law students

Accommodations for undergraduate, graduate and law students are typically similar, with one notable exception: testing.  Law students who are eligible for testing accommodations should contact the law school Student Affairs office and/or the law school registrar to arrange for testing accommodations.  Other graduate students may either arrange testing accommodations through their academic department or through the DSP using the on line request form.

Accommodation Descriptions & Guidelines

Extended Time Testing
Extended Time Testing Request Form

Students who are approved for extended time on tests and quizzes must sign up to take the exam/quiz in the DSP Testing Room at least 7 days in advance.

Assistive Technology and Alternative Format Text/Materials
Technology: Although the University of Denver does not provide assistive technologies (hardware or software) for personal student use, DSP can assist students in determining which technologies would be of benefit and helping find resources for obtaining and learning how to use various technologies.
Alternate Format Text/Materials: Formerly known as "Books on Tape" this accommodation is available to students who have learning or literacy difficulties, or who are unable to access written materials.  We have found that many students who are blind or low vision, or who have reading disabilities are experiencing great success with text-to-speech technologies. Textbooks and other materials are electronically scanned and then converted to a format specified by the student’s preferred software.
Q: How do students get their books scanned?
Students purchase their books just as other students do, then bring them to DSP for processing. Although this system is much faster than tape recording, it still is a lengthy process, so students who receive AFT are typically also given Early Registration as an accommodation – this allows students to have more time to contact instructors for book titles and to contact the DU bookstore or other sources to purchase their books in advance.

Resources for Students Entering the Workforce

Information on disability in the workplace (ppt)

Additional resources (Word Doc)