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Law Students: How to Register with DSP

Register with DSP by submitting:

  • Student Intake (this is where you formally request accommodations)
  • Appropriate documentation (medical and/or psychoeducational)

Meetings with DSP staff members may be arranged by calling 303-871-2372 / 2278, emailing, or visiting the 4th Floor of Katherine A. Ruffatto Hall, 1999 East Evans Ave.

Temporary Injury / Illness

DSP can provide accommodations for temporary injuries or illnesses, including, but not limited to, broken bones, sickness, and mental health issues. Please visit our Temporary Injury/Illness page for more information.

Students needing assistance in completing forms should contact DSP.

All publications and forms are available, upon request, in hard copy or alternate formats through the DSP office.

Differences in Testing Accommodations

While most accommodations for law and graduate students are the same as afforded to undergraduate students, there is one specific difference – Alternative and/ or Extended Time Testing.  Graduate and law students are afforded time and a half (50%) on timed exams.  Law students work with the Student Affairs office and law school registrar to arrange exams.  Other graduate students can work directly with their instructors to arrange exams with extended time.  DSP staff can assist in this process or if other testing accommodations are needed.