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Temporary Injury or Illness

Q:  If I get sick or am injured, but it’s temporary, can I get accommodations under the under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)?
A: Temporary illness or injury are not covered under the ADA, however the University of Denver is committed to supporting the needs of students with temporary disabling conditions.  Medical documentation may be required.
Q:  What accommodations can I get if I’ve broken my leg or writing hand?
A: If academic accommodations are needed, students should contact the Disability Services Program (DSP) by calling 303-871-2278 / 7432 / 2455.  While arranged case-by-case, here are some examples of accommodations:

1) Extra time and/or scribes for tests in DSP testing center.
2) Relocation of classrooms or on campus housing.
3) Note takers in class. 

Q:  Can I be excused from classes?
A: No, prolonged absences from classes are not considered to be appropriate since attendance is an integral part of DU classes.  You should contact your instructors about any missed work.  If you are unable to attend classes then you may want to consider a "medical stop out".  Contact DSP for more information.

Q:  I need help getting to and from classes and I can’t type my papers – will DU provide me with a personal assistant?
A:  No, DU does not provide personal care, assistance with out of class assignments/activities, and transportation to and from classes for any students.

The University of Denver campus is relatively small (80 acres, which is about seven city blocks wide, east to west, and eight blocks long, north to south) with plentiful, well-maintained sidewalks around and through the campus. On campus transportation is not provided, but students who need extra time to move between class buildings and residence halls because of mobility challenges may be eligible for accommodations such as early registration and/or classroom changes through the Disability Services Program (DSP). Here are some resources for accessible transportation in and around the Denver metro area. This list does not represent all possible resources, but rather a broad range of options. If you know of a reliable company/resource that is not listed here, please contact DSP so it can be added to this list.

RTD - Accessible bus/light rail station four blocks from campus; students who are eligible for the College Pass and faculty/staff who are eligible for the EcoPass may use these accessible RTD options at no extra cost.

Access-a-Ride - Available to those who cannot access fixed-route bus/light rail, or who need door-to-door transportation. Riders must be eligible and pre-approved; reservations are required.

Accessible Denver - An excellent website for front-range community resources.

Taxi Cabs/Vans (not all companies listed; some accessible vans w/ extra cost; reservations may be required)

  • Yellow Cab - 303.777.7777
    Accessible vans -- Mobility Plus ($2.50 call; $2.25/mile), if not a scheduled pick-up at least a one hour wait.

  • Metro Taxi - 303.333.3333
    Accessible vans -- Mobility Plus ($2.90 pick-up; $2.25/mile only for wheelchair access vans) Schedule 4 hours in advance.

  • Mobility Transportation - 303.295.3900
    Accessible vans -- costs vary.

  • Amazing Wheels - 720.276.0824
    Accessible vans -- medical and non-medical transportation.

 Other Transportation Options and Resources

Q: I need accessible/handicap parking – how do I arrange this?
A:  If a student requires the use of "accessible/handicap" parking, a 90 day permit is available through the State of Colorado at no charge. 

1) State of Colorado Persons with Disabilities Parking

2) Complete Persons with Disabilities Parking Privileges Application

3) The application must be signed by a physician and either mailed or taken to a Colorado Motor Vehicle Office. 

4) The DU Office of Parking Services will provide an interim handicap permit for a period of 2 weeks while the state application is being processed. 

5); 303-871-3210.

Q: Where I can get immediate medical care?
A:  Students who need medical care and/or follow-up for their condition can contact the DU Health Center to schedule an appointment with a health care provider.  The Health Center also has information on other health care resources in the area. The Health Center is located on the third floor of the Ritchie Center (north side); the phone number is 303-871-2205.