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Student Life

William T. Driscoll Student Center

William T. Driscoll Student Center

William T. Driscoll Student Center

Advertising & Posting

Posting at Driscoll

All postings must be approved by the Driscoll Information Desk. Postings may only be used on specified advertising stands, boards, and spaces. All postings must adhere to the University policies and rules for campus posting.  Any violation of the rules may result in a fine or loss of privilege to post at the University of Denver. 

By receiving a stamp from the Driscoll Information Desk one is initially approved to post in campus buildings. However, one should consult individual buildings for individual policies regarding posting. Some brief individual rules are listed below.

All policies and rules concerning posting can be found here.

Posting Around Campus

Sturm College of Law

All posters must be approved by Student Affairs in Suite 115. Find further explanations on regulations, like the size and quantity of your posters, on their Policy Page.

Sturm, ACC, & Academic Buildings

All posters intended for Academic buildings, NOT Sturm Law or Daniels College of Business, must be approved at the Driscoll Information Desk, located in Driscoll North. You may have a maximum of 25 posters per event. Be sure to check at each building’s main office to comply with their individual posting policies as well.

Residence Halls (Halls, Towers, Nagel, Nelson & J-mac)

Any student group who wants to post flyers in the residence halls will need to bring five copies of their flyer to the main Housing and Residential Education Office located on the First Floor the Nagel Residence Hall. These flyers need to be left for Mandy Harris. Mandy will approve the flyer, stamp the flyer, and distribute one flyer to each residence hall where the desk staff will post the flyer in an appropriate location. The maximum size of a flyer posted in the residence halls is 11 x 17.

Daniels College of Business

To inquire about DCB, please contact the operator at 303-871-2000.

Ben M. Cherrington

Bring the flyer to the basement level (lowest level) and head to the main office, located on the western side of the Cyber Cafe, next to the computer lab. They will stamp the flyer as well as post it.