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Course Descriptions for First-Year Seminars

REGISTRATION FOR 2014 FSEM will open on June 16, 2014 at 8:00am Mountain Standard Time.

How to Register for your First Year Seminar (FSEM):

  1. Review the 'Course Conflicts'. If you know your major and it it listed on this sheet, do NOT select an FSEM which conflicts with any required major courses or Living Learning Community courses. Majors outside this list do not have specific courses that will conflict with an FSEM.
  2. Review the 'Course Descriptions' on the left. Choose your top 5-10 choices.
  3. Follow the 'How to Register' link to learn how to register for your FSEM.  
  4. Some courses will be full. Please choose a course that does not have a "C" (closed) listed. There are no waitlists.

You will need your DU ID number (which begins 87...) as well as the Course Registration Number (CRN) of the First-Year Seminar in which you are interested. Choosing multiple options will help your registration to go smoothly. You do not have to choose a First-Year Seminar related to your major. Choose according to your interest in the course content.

Please remember, you must register by July 16. Register early to ensure the widest choice of options. There are no wait lists for First-Year Seminars.

You will register for your other fall courses during Discoveries Orientation. (If you register for additional courses when you sign up for your First-Year Seminar, you'll be removed from those courses before you arrive on campus.