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Choose Your Own ADDventure

Choose Your Own ADDVenture Brain

5th Annual Conference - Sat, April 25, 2015

Since 2009, LEP has partnered with other DU departments as well as community resources to host "Choose Your Own ADDventure" for LD/ADHD families and professionals. It's a FREE, all-day conference that explores and increases the understanding of the many nuances of ADHD and LD.

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Conference Details
    • Saturday, April 25, 2015
    • 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
    • *Free lunch provided
    • Cost: FREE to attend, but must RSVP as space is limited.
    • University of Denver Campus - Ruffatto Hall
      1999 E. Evans Ave.
      (NE Corner of High and Evans)
      Denver, CO 80208
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2015 Presenters


David Flink


"Reframing Learning for a New Generation"


David Flink, MA

Co-Founder and CEO of Eye to Eye

Eye to Eye National

What does it mean to be a “different thinker?”  Where can we find the full potential of our community?  How can we make strides toward creating a world in which every learner is recognized?  By sharing some of his own LD/ADHD journeys, Mr. Flink will provide answers to these questions.  In doing so, he’ll also provide a glimpse into the power of mentoring in the lives of different thinkers.  At the core is a message of personal empowerment, academic success, and educational revolution for people who think differently.

Philippe Ernewein



"Executive Functioning As Booster   Rockets: Creating Moonshot Moments"




Philippe Ernewein                                                   Jenni Ernewein

Director of Education                                               Learning Specialist

Denver Academy                                     St. Anne's   Episcopal School                                        

To create Moonshot Moments for our students, we need to teach Moonshot Thinking. The most effective way to teach, facilitate and support this type of learning is to explicitly lead instruction about executive functioning strategies. CROPS - the five critical components of executive functions - will be discussed. The session will also demonstrate several ways to incorporate executive function instruction into your daily, weekly, and monthly classroom routines. 

Participants will learn 10 concrete ways to incorporate Executive Functioning into classroom, lesson plans and parenting.

Participants will understand the role of unlearning in teaching Executive Functioning.

Participants will apply Executive Functioning in structures.

Cyle Feingold Craig Knippenberg

"The Emotional and Academic Interaction of ADHD: Blessings, Challenges and Solutions"




Craig Knippenberg LCSW, M. Div.                             Cyle Feingold

Knippenberg, Patterson & Associates                   Results Learning

ADHD can be both, a gift and a challenge. Mr. Craig Knippenberg and Mr.Cyle Feingold will look at the interplay of the emotional and academic sides of ADHD, and provide practical strategies to help your child feel more successful.

"Role & Explanation of Medication uses in Individuals with ADHD"

Cheryl Dasler, MD Child Psychiatrist




Dr. Cheryl Dasler completed her undergraduate and medical degree at the University of Minnesota Medical School. She finished her Residency in General Psychiatry at The University of Colorado, and went on the serve as chief resident in her Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship. She is board certified in both General Psychiatry and Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. She has the appointment of Clinical Instructor in the Department of Psychiatry, University of Colorado School of Medicine.

Nathaniel Ellison

"The Realities of ADHD, is 'Focus' a Proxy of Success?"

Nathaniel Ellison, MA

The common wisdom that if we just focus, or apply ourselves is addressed in this interactive forum designed to reframe ADHD. The ability to recognize our skills and optimize strategies appropriate to each person with ADHD is what allows the greatest opportunity to achieve success. 



"Interpreting Assessment Results:  What Does it All Really Mean?"

Alexandra McDermott, PsyD

Denver Therapy & Assessment          

This breakout session will explore traditional learning disability and ADHD testing and assessment procedures. We will look at how clinicians come to decide on a diagnosis based on testing results and discuss common patterns in the data. The objective of this discussion is to help simplify the sometimes jargoned language used in assessment reports so that you can have a better understanding of what the results mean and how they apply to you or your child. I invite you to bring questions, as this will be partially discussion format.



  "Homework Headaches? Tips, Tricks and Organization Tools for Getting it Done! "

Jessica S. Reinhardt, Ph.D.                                         Leigh-Ellen Curl, Ed.S. NCSP

Children diagnosed with ADHD/LD/ASD often encounter multiple difficulties with academic functioning, and may have more frequent and intense homework  problems that their peers.  Many of the academic problems associated are related to problems behaviors and issues with poor executive function. School Psychologists, Jessica S. Reinhardt, Ph.D.  and Leigh- Ellen Curl, Ed.S NCSP, from Emerge Professionals, discuss a topic which overwhelms parents and teachers alike. This presentation will put forth the theories and research underlying homework challenges and more importantly provide attendees with a number of practical strategies to assist children with homework completion. 




"Dyslexia 101"

Sally Pistilli

Parent Support Specialist, Learning Ally

This session provides an exploration of dyslexia, covering the early warning signs, characteristics, assessment , effective remediation, accommodations, assistive technology, self-advocacy and how best to support your student. Included are a series of simulations designed to allow attendees to experience what it feels like to be dyslexic. 

"Curriculum Studies"    

Dr. Christy Moroye

University of Northern Colorado



More Details to come...



"First Steps With Assistive Technology:


When, Why and How To Begin"    

Debbie Campbell

New to Assistive Technology?  Bring along your mobile device and explore a set of tools that can be used to allow your student to approach schoolwork with a greater sense of confidence and independence.  As we explore apps, device settings and programs we will discuss when it is best to consider the use of them as well as how to begin the implementation of their use.  


Eye to EyeEye to Eye Chapter Coordinator

Eye to Eye

University of Denver Chapter Coordinator for Eye to Eye and Eye to Eye mentors.

Mentors discuss their experience as mentors with the University of Denver chapter of Eye to Eye. 

Elenn_S Elenn Steinberg and  Students

"Rocking Dyslexia - Growing Our Strengths, Facing our Challenges"
Join us as we get up close and personal with the opportunities, pain and celebration that students with dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, ADHD, and executive function issues face.  Join a wonderful group of students ranging from 3rd grade through high school and hear about what works for them and how you as a parent or friend can best support them.  We will share how we can all transform these dys-abilities into opportunities.


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