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Learning Effectiveness Program

Learning Effectiveness Program

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Learning Effectiveness Program

The Learning Effectiveness Program (LEP) is a nationally recognized fee-for-service program that provides individualized academic support for University of Denver students with learning disabilities, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), or a history of learning differences.

Journey to empowerment through transition (JETT) Program


September 4-6, 2015

LEP is launching a transition program for first year LEP students in Fall 2015. This is a pilot program and this year will incur no additional fees.  Students must be enrolled in LEP to participate. 

Space is limited.

Please contact the front desk for more information at 303-871-2372 or

The JETT Program will provide students with the opportunity to:
  • EXPERIENCE an in-depth introduction to the campus community and its resources.
  • EXPLORE the differences between high school demands and those in a college setting.
  • MOVE IN EARLY - become accustomed to the residence hall experience before Discoveries Orientation begins.
  • EQUIP students with tools around self-advocacy, self-awareness, self-determination, and accountability.
  • LEARN how to use LEP resources, and meet and get to know the counselor they will be working with. 

To enroll, contact 303-871-2372  or email

Students who participate will be sent a packet with additional information and program details.

LEP academic services

    • one-on-one academic counseling
    • individual subject-specific tutoring
    • organizational and time management assistance