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Academic Resources

Learning Effectiveness Program


Individualized Tutoring

The LEP Tutoring Center is a direct service provided to LEP students who are in need of extra assistance out of the classroom. The focus is to provide students with opportunities to understand and gain mastery of their course contents.

Benefits of the tutoring program include:

  • An opportunity to review and learn information through alternative modalities such as: visual, kinesthetic, and auditory
  • Effective organizational and study strategies in a respectful learning environment
  • Access to one-one-one subject specific assistance
  • Over 30 tutors including graduate students, professionals, adjunct professors and upper division undergraduate students
  • Ongoing or need-based appointments with flexible hours throughout the week
  • Tutoring costs to LEP students are included in the LEP fee.
How to Sign Up for A Tutor
  1. Prior to requesting a tutor, a tutoring contract must be submitted with your LEP Academic Counselor.
  2. To sign up for a tutor, login to your personal account via PioneerWeb
  3. Click on the "Student" tab
  4. Click on the "LEP Tutoring" tab
Become An LEP Tutor

Tutoring opportunities at LEP are variable, as tutors are hired based on the needs of our student population. If we don't have any open positions at the time of your inquiry, we'll add you to our prospective tutor list to contact you in the future if anything does open up. (This can happen quite suddenly).

We prefer that tutors have obtained or are at least pursuing a degree beyond their undergraduate. We don't hire undergraduates except in cases of dire need or other exceptional circumstances.

The LEP is designed to provide academic support to DU students with learning disabilities, ADHD, or notable learning differences. In light of this, our tutors have to bring more to the table than simply being well versed in their subject areas. Generally undergraduates aren't prepared to meet these standards despite excelling in the subject they would like to tutor.