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Religious & Spiritual Life


Yay, Team!


     I am often asked how it is that a "one-person" office can accomplish so much around DU. And I have to respond (with fervor), "It's not a one-person office!" I am blessed to have a great group of colleagues, and I thought it would be good to take this opportunity to introduce them!

     Rebekah Lee is a junior at the University of Denver and is double majoring in Spanish and International Studies. Her plan is to apply to the Morgridge College of Education to become a high school Spanish teacher in the near future. She loves anything that has to do with Jesus, children, Spanish, the country of Peru, her faith, and serving others! She also enjoys being artsy and crafty and being with her family and friends.
Rebekah is the office's administrative champ, putting together the weekly newsletter, maintaining the database, developing publicity, helping with correspondence, making room reservations, etc.

     Ryan Collins is a senior at the University of Denver. He is currently seeking a double major in History and Religious Studies. Ryan enjoys studying Arabic, and has studied abroad in Amman, Jordan. He plans on continuing his journey in higher education in History. Ryan is a foodie and loves to travel around the country. He is absolutely in love with both Mexican and Indian food, and finds New York City to be his favorite travel destination so far!
Ryan's responsibilities revolve primarily around work with the undergraduate student groups, acting as a liaison between the office and those groups, helping with programming, and "other duties as assigned".

      Marshall Schroeder hails from Honolulu, HI. He is a native Hawaiian who has spent his entire life living in the islands: born on the Big Island of Hawaii, moving to Oahu when he was 6. A graduate of Kamehameha Schools, he then went to Creighton University to receive a Bachelors in Psychology. After graduating from Creighton he took a sabbatical year off to change his life for the better. Originally a medical student he had a change of heart, realizing his love for psychology was not prescribing medicine but rather being for and with others. So he withdrew from medical school, studied for the GRE, and and is now in the process of acquiring his PsyD degree in at DU's Graduate School of Professional Psychology.
Marshall's portfolio in office has him working as a liaison to the graduate units, including the Graduate Student Senate

     Danielle Xanthos is a native Long Islander who appreciates a good bagel and Billy Joel, and is a perpetual student with a clear, yet flexible, goal in sight. She began her studies at the University of Vermont, earning a B.S. in Psychology with a minor in music, then her M.Div. from Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology in Brookline, MA, followed by her M.A. in Clinical Psychology from Teachers College Columbia University. The last leg of this long academic journey has brought her to DU to earn a Doctor of Psychology, specializing in Military Psychology and Oncology Psychology. When she is not critically reading the DSM-5, she enjoys being in the sun drinking a good cup of black coffee, and reflecting on how we can put these words of Abraham Heschel into practice: "Remember the meaning of life is to live life as if it were a work of art. You are not a machine. You are young. Start working on this great work of art that is called your own existence."
Danielle's primary work with the office is to maintain (and increase) it's linkages with our Veteran's Services office, as well as to work with DU's Career Services to develop programs that relate "vocation" to "career".

This is a remarkable collection of students, with good ideas and willing hearts. I am lucky to have them as "The Team"! And I am sure that, if you had an notion that fit in one of their areas of responsibility, they would be happy to hear it -- so send those good ideas to me!





PS: These biographies are also found, (with pictures!) on the Office's website.

PPS: If you would like to comment on this reflection, please surf on over to my blog "On a Bike and a Prayer" at