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NOTE: This website will be undergoing some major reconstruction over the next few months. You are encouraged to visit the Office's Portfolio page for up-to-date information! 


Religious & Spiritual Life

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Wisdom.  Compassion.  God.  Spirit.  Grace.  Immanence.  Love.  Mystery.  Mindfulness.   Service.  Pilgrimage.  Mercy.  Vocation.  Wholeness.  Truth.

     All of the words above (and certainly there are others!) are connected with the spiritual life.  At the University of Denver we hope that these words, or concepts, are not set aside as folks engage in the pursuit of knowledge or a career.  Indeed, I believe that a well-rounded life is one in which mind, body and spirit are intertwined, fully engaged with one another.  It is that conviction that underlies my own vocation as a chaplain at a university.  It is my hope and prayer that, at the University of Denver, you’ll find all of the resources you will need to integrate your whole self in service to the greater good, in recognition of the Greatest Good.

     From the jumping-off point of this webpage, you can learn more about what the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life’s does, Chaplain Gary's role (as Counselor, Comforter, Cheerleader, Compassionate, and Confidential), get help in locating a spiritual home (or starting your own religious student group), and discover ways to be involved in interfaith discussions or activities.  If it’s information about Evans Chapel you want, or the academic study of religion, you’ll find links here as well.

     The University of Denver is an exciting place to be. Let your spirit soar! Chaplain Gary is available for conversation and counseling -- sharing the trying times and the celebrations. We’re here to help; let us know how! In the meantime, snoop the site! Begin the quest! Engage the beyond!

Manifold blessings!

The Rev. Gary R. Brower, Ph.D

University Chaplain

Office of Religious & Spiritual Life