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Student Life

Religious & Spiritual Life

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Religious & Spiritual Life

Chaplain's Book Club

Once a month, the Chaplain hosts a discussion over a current book or article. The "reading" may be augmented by a podcast or video.

The location for the discussion, unless otherwise noted is the Commerce Room in the Driscoll Center, North.  You are welcome to bring your lunch!

Trigger Warnings

Tuesday, April 12 at noon


Join Chaplain Gary Brower and Dr. Thomas Walker from the Center for Multicultural Excellence for a discussion on triggers and related warnings–NOT as a debate on any policy, but to acknowledge and engage the emotional, inclusion and freedom impacts on our campus community. We want to increase understanding, not settle the question.

This will not be a "book" discussion, but will refer to a variety of readings/podcasts, e.g.,

Robert Greggs's Shared Stories, Rival Tellings:
Early Encounters of Jews, Christians, and Muslims

Wednesday, May 4 at noon

shared storiesJudaism, Christianity, and Islam are considered kindred religions-holding ancestral heritages and monotheistic belief in common-but there are definitive distinctions between these "Abrahamic" peoples. Shared Stories, Rival Tellings explores the early exchanges of Jews, Christians, and Muslims, and argues that their interactions were dominated by debates over the meanings of certain stories sacred to all three communities.

Robert C. Gregg shows how Jewish, Christian, and Muslim interpreters--artists as well as authors--developed their unique and particular understandings of narratives present in the two Bibles and the Qur'an. As he guides us through the often intentional variations introduced into these shared stories, Gregg exposes major issues under contention and the social-intellectual forces that contributed to spirited, and sometimes combative, exchanges among Jews, Christians, and Muslims.

We will discuss the chapters on Sarah and Hagar. Contact Chaplain Gary for copies of the chapters.

Co-facilitated by Prof. Andrea Stanton (Religious Studies)

Hagar and Abraham's Family in Mecca

Sarah and Hagar Mothers to Three Families

Sarah and Hagar

Sarah and Hagar in Christian Retellings


Past Book Discussions (MP3)

By clicking on a title, you can listen to the discussion on-line.  To download it to enjoy later, right-click!