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Student Life

Religious & Spiritual Life

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Religious & Spiritual Life

Events & Activities

The Office of Religious & Spiritual Life offers numerous programs and events over the course of the year. Many of these have a "community service" component, and are better described on the Volunteer page.  The upcoming events are listed below: 

OasisPlease join in one of our semi-regular drop-in "programs" -- OASIS: A FAIR TRADE, COFFEE, CHOCOLATE AND CONVERSATION FOR FREE.  We host a "refreshment in the desert" table on the Driscoll Bridge for a few hours, pour Fair Trade coffee, provide a bite of Fair Trade chocolate (both dark and milk), and we're happy to talk about ANYTHING you like!  Stop by!  Dates and times are found in the calendar below. 



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 Examples of some special programs/events we have sponsored over the last several years include:

  • Constitution Day programs (in September) — usually partnering with folks from the Korbel School of International Studies, and/or the Sturm College of Law
    • Human Rights and National Security
    • The Constitution, the Budget and Morality
    • War & Peace and the Constitution
    • Religious Freedom in the EU and US
  • Religion and Violence - a year-long program in conjunction with folks the Korbel School of International Studies
  • Film Screening: "Women with Altitude"
  • Conversations with authors Tom DeWolf and Sharon Morgan about their book Gather at the Table

Other programs/events are offered as opportunity and need arise, including observances of the anniversary of 9/11 or responses to international tragedies (such as the Japanese earthquake/tsunami or the earthquake in Haiti).