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Getting Involved!

There are numerous opportunities for students, faculty and staff to connect with their religious roots -- or to take wings and acquaint themselves with different traditions. At the University of Denver, these opportunities fall into two, sometimes overlapping, categories.

Chaplain’s Programs
Chaplain Gary offers programs and worship experiences aimed at all (or no) religious traditions.  These range from book discussions to "Music and Meditation" to topical conversations to service projects.  An quarterly listing of these programs can be found here

The University of Denver Religious Council and Religious Student Groups

The University of Denver provides a committee of religious organizations to help meet the spiritual needs of students.  The University of Denver does not endorse any specific religious practice, but official recognition has been granted to individual representatives of religious organizations who have agreed to abide by specific University standards.  Members of the religious community officially recognized by the University of Denver and overseen by the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life can be found here. If you would like to form a new religious student organization, talk to Chaplain Gary.

Making Connections

We encourage students to fill out a religious preference card.  This ensures that your information is transmitted to the group YOU want.  Not all religious traditions, however, have representatives on, or near, campus.  If you want help making YOUR connections, please contact Chaplain Gary for assistance.

 Be Aware, Be Alert, Be Careful

It’s great to feel wanted and to be invited to join a new group with the promise of new friends and activities.  Among the many clubs and organizations here at the University of Denver, you’ll find a wide variety of religious organizations, some of which may use recruiting tactics you find problematic.  Because choosing a religious group is an important decision in your life at the University of Denver, we want to offer some information to help you make an informed, free choice:  "Learn to be a . . . Questioner!

 A Multi-Faith Campus

The University of Denver recognizes the wide diversity of religious traditions represented among its students, faculty, staff and administrators.  And the University of Denver intends that members of all of those traditions are able to find support on campus. The University of Denver also hopes that members of the University Community will have multiple opportunities to engage one another in conversations, or experiences, that deepen understanding.

 DU Interfaith Advocates        

The DU Interfaith Advocates are a group of students (both undergraduate and graduate/professional) who meet regularly to help the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life understand and address trends within, and needs of, the University of Denver's student population.  If you are interested in being a part of the group, contact Chaplain Gary.