Life After DU

Congratulations! As a senior, you're on your way to graduation and joining the exclusive club of 100,000 DU alumni across the world.

While attending DU, you made lifelong friendships, expanded your horizons and contributed to your community. We help you remain connected and offer you opportunities to continue learning and giving back to the community. Whether you are local, move to other parts of the country or are based abroad, we want you to continue these experiences. 

In Denver, you are invited to participate in recent grad networking events, the Alumni Symposium, the Masters Program, Founders Day and Pioneer Alumni Network events. Across the country, we have affinity groups and alumni chapters in Washington, D.C., Boston, New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Dallas, Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Portland. Other chapters in Houston and Seattle are on the horizon.

Look at our checklist for post-grad preparation, and consider participating in one of our workshops or the Pioneer Connections Mentoring Program. 

Welcome to the ranks of DU's great alumni!

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