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Join the Late Night Committee

Thank you for your interest in serving on the Late Night committee of DUPB. Late Night will be entering into its sixth year of operation at the University of Denver. Members of the committee have the unique opportunity to create a Late Night program that is sustainable and caters to the interests of the student body. We are always looking for creative, innovative, and strong leaders to join the Late Night committee

Students who serve on the Late Night committee will:

  • Gain valuable leadership skills including communication, organization, and delegation.

  • Gain collaboration and teambuilding skills including how to best motivate others, negotiation skills, budget management skills, and group deliberation skills.

  • Gain professional development training through working with vendors, community members, college administrators and faculty members, and other student leaders on campus.

  • Build their resume by becoming an active and important member of an on-campus organization.

  • Build relationships with campus administrators that will serve as references for internships or jobs.

  • Gain event planning experience including logistics, marketing, how to successfully operate a meeting, and budget management.

  • Gain a strong network of peers both within the Late Night committee and the DU Programming Board (DUPB) by creating events that cater to a diverse DU community.

  • Improve their presentation skills through presentations to campus constituents focused on recruiting new members and expanding the Late Night DU organization.

  • Be recognized by campus administrators, students and faculty members for their continued commitment and dedication to expanding and improving the Late Night programming at DU. 

Email if you are interested in joining the committee today!