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Driscoll Student Center

Pioneers CARE

Crisis Assessment Risk Evaluation (C.A.R.E) Team

The University of Denver is committed to providing care and access to resources to create a safe and secure environment for our campus community to maintain their safety, health, and well-being. The CARE team is dedicated to a proactive, objective, supportive, and collaborative approach to the prevention, identification, assessment, intervention, management of, and coordinated response to student situations and behaviors that may be disruptive or pose a risk of harm to the safety, health, and well-being of individuals and the campus community.

Members of the CARE Team:

  • (Co-Chair) Dr. Barbara Wilcots, Associate Provost-Office of Graduate Studies
  • (Co-Chair) Dr. Niki Latino, Interim Associate Vice Chancellor-Division of Campus Life and Inclusive Excellence (Student Affairs)
  • Molly Hooker, Director of Graduate Student Services
  • Michael Johnson, Director of Student Outreach & Support
  • Commander Mike Holt, Associate Director of Campus Safety
  • Dr. Jennifer Karas, Associate Provost for Undergraduate Academic Programs
  • Dr. Jacaranda Palmateer, Director of Counseling Services
  • Joshua Kaufman, Director of Disability Services Program
  • Kristin Olson, Director of Student Conduct
  • Dr. Carrie Ponikvar, Director of Residential Education