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Driscoll Student Center

Supporting Students


Seek our help when you or someone you know is

  • Feeling distressed and unsure where to get help
  • Feeling like life outside of classes is getting too difficult
  • Returning to DU after a Leave of Absence or a difficult life circumstance and need assistance transitioning back into college life
  • Experiencing a significant health or emotional issue and need guidance on where to get help
  • Looking for help navigating DU to access the resources you might need

In response, Student Outreach & Support will...

  • Help you make informed decisions by educating you about the University’s policies and procedures
  • Listen effectively, and provide timely, accurate information
  • Offer alternative resolutions in consultation with other University offices, where appropriate
  • Treat you as an individual
  • Make our staff accessible to all undergraduate students


How we offer help...

  • Follow up with you as a team. If you have urgent health, personal or emergency needs, we’ll contact you immediately. Our team also will help with notifying appropriate faculty members, if needed.
  • Work with DU faculty, staff and partners to ensure you get the help you need if you’re having trouble transitioning to life at DU.
  • Contact any commuter and transfer students who don’t have strong links to DU’s campus community and help you form relationships.