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Summer @ DU

Degree Programs


Get ready for the debate.

If you're on campus this summer, you'll see the energy build as DU gets ready to host the first presidential debate of 2012.

We're putting together courses and events that will give you a deeper understanding of all the political and cultural issues surrounding the election. You'll get a chance to discuss the big issues and find your voice.

So if you do end of being one of the lucky few who gets a ticket through the upcoming student lottery to attend the debate, you'll be prepared.


Dozens of classes this quarter will take on issues that affect the 2012 election. Just a few examples:

  • Presidential Campaigns, Debates and Elections: Political Science 2415
  • Presidential Leadership: Leadership 2320
  • The Presidency in War and Peace: International Studies 3702
  • Capital Punishment: Sociology 2795
  • Demography of Public Policy: Public Policy 2710
  • Climate Science and Policy: Advanced Seminar 2473
  • Globalization and Its Discontents: Advanced Seminar 1616

See our course listings for a full breakdown of available courses.

Events and volunteering

There will be a range of events on campus, for students and for the community at large, and many events will offer the chance to volunteer. New events and volunteer opportunities are added nearly every day, so keep your eye on the debate site.