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Summer @ DU

Course: Muslim Modernities

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Contemporary Islam (Religious Studies 3502)

In Contemporary Islam, an upper-level online course open to undergraduate and graduate students, you'll examine a multifaceted faith grappling with enormous change.

Assistant professor Andrea Stanton, who will teach the course this summer, says Islam is experiencing dramatic transformation driven by such forces as technology, globalization, popular culture and changing gender roles.

As one of the fastest-growing religions in the world, Islam is responding and adapting to new pressures in those places where it's taken root—North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa.

What you'll learn:

The online class will go beyond textbooks and journal articles to explore Islam's presence in the media and online world, as well as its role in politics, daily life and education. As a student, you'll discuss course themes and exchange ideas via online posts.

In the course of preparing an exploratory paper, you'll examine several primary sources—perhaps a website dedicated to arranging marriages, documentaries focusing on Islamic perspectives or maybe YouTube clips of pop singers.

You'll also discover how faith and practice are articulated, how piety is cultivated, how differences are addressed and how authority is challenged. Most important, you'll discover just how diverse Islam is.

The course is excellent preparation for students expecting to study abroad in a Muslim country or for students returning from such an experience and eager to process their experience.

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