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Summer Featured Course: Presidential Leadership

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Presidential Leadership (Leadership 2320)

As DU prepares to host the first 2012 presidential debate on Oct. 3, instructor Linda Olson is bringing political figures into her classroom to examine what it takes to become president of the United States.

Presidential Leadership—a four-credit elective for undergraduate students—goes beyond credentials to examine the personal characteristics, leadership qualities and skills required of those seeking the American presidency. It also will explore how presidential candidates communicate their images in the public sphere.

What you'll learn:

Through the course, you’ll get to hear from former presidential candidates, campaign managers and party officials about traits they've recognized among presidential leaders. You'll also learn:

  • common characteristics and behaviors found in past effective presidential leaders
  • leadership and character issues within the 2012 presidential candidates as the campaign season plays out in the media
  • leadership issues faced by modern U.S. presidents (through case studies, readings, research projects, robust class discussions and media clips)

About the instructor

No stranger to political leadership, Linda Olson is director of DU's Pioneer Leadership Program and executive director of DU's Learning Communities and Civic Engagement. She's also an elected City of Englewood council member.

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