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Sports & Entertainment Marketing (Marketing 3660)

New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin has recently garnered broad media attention and gained
marketing appeal.

Photo courtesy nikk_la (Jeremy Lin) [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

So why is "Jersey Shore" so popular? How does Disney score hit after hit? And why do products endorsed by athletes like LeBron James sell so well?

Those are the kinds of questions you'll address in Sports and Entertainment Marketing, an upper-division elective offered by the Daniels College of Business.

The class, which is taught by Brian Kitts, digs into the peculiarities of a field that's constantly shifting. As Kitts points out, marketing toothpaste doesn't change radically from tube to tube and year to year, but publicizing and promoting the latest action flick—well, that's another story.

"What makes this class interesting is that sports and entertainment change every week," Kitts says. That means that every member of the marketing team has to be prepared to respond to split-second opportunities. Or calamities.

What you'll learn:

Students in the class look into everything from the nuts and bolts of ticket sales to the development of collateral products—think action figures or sports jerseys. They also dive into the sociology behind sports and entertainment offerings, analyzing emerging consumer trends to see how they might influence preferences or even product development. What's at work in the America psyche to make cycling all the rage? Will the sudden craze for a certain TV show lead to an upswing in martini sales?

Kitts also asks students to think about the ethics behind different marketing campaigns. Consider the endorsement contracts offered to young athletes or the ways that teenage actors have to promote their movies. Just what is being sold, and why?

Students finish up the course with a group project that dissects an actual marketing campaign and proposes ways to improve it.

Course type: Elective

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