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Center for Sustainability

Center for Sustainability

About Us

Our History

The Center for Sustainability was founded in the summer of 2012. Housed in the Johnson-McFarlane residence hall, it serves as the hub for all the sustainability-related activity on campus as well as a catalyst for change and collaboration.

The Center grew out of the many efforts of the Sustainability Council, which is an active group of students, staff, and faculty, who have been instrumental in leading many steps to sustainability. This council formed soon after the Chancellor signed the American Colleges and Universities Presidents' Climate Commitment, committing the University of Denver to being carbon neutral by 2050.

In the past year, the Center has been involved in many projects, including zero-waste hockey games, authentic interdisciplinary class projects, launching of a campus bike program, greenhouse gas audit, and much more.

Check out our Timeline to learn more about sustainability at DU!

Our Mission

The Mission of the Center is to multiply the good of many so that all may flourish.

Engage. Innovate. Flourish.

Our Purpose

The Center exists to coordinate efforts campus-wide by connecting groups and individuals who are interested in collaboration. The Center is also a repository of institutional knowledge.

Meet Our Staff

  • Chad King

    Chad King, PhD

    University Sustainability Coordinator

  • Christy Cerrone

    Assistant Sustainability Coordinator

    My passion has always been environmental issues and I am excited to be doing this professionally too as the Assistant Sustainability Coordinator in the Center for Sustainability here at DU. It is such an exciting time to be involved with sustainability issues on DU's campus. There are so many ways that you can make a difference; if you have ideas to make our campus a more sustainable place, bring them in and we'll help you make them a reality!

  • Mandilyn Beck

    Research Assistant, Food

  • Harrison Bentley-Bales

    Research Assistant, Zero Waste

  • Andrew Bishop

    Andrew Bishop

    Webmaster & Special Projects

    Initiatives: Wind Energy, Solar Energy, Hydration Stations and Water Infrastructure, Take Back the Tap, and Website Development

  • Stuart Coles

    Stuart Coles

    Research Manager

  • Antonia Coteus

    Antonia Coteus

    Research Assistant, Education & Outreach

  • David Diamond

    Research Assistant, Waste

  • Mollie Doerner

    Mollie Doerner

    Office Project Manager

    I'm a Colorado native, from Greeley. I grew up hating the outdoors and especially the mountains because I always got wicked altitude sickness. I think I've come a long way since then. I lived on the Environmental Sustainability Living and Learning Community hall during my freshman year, and I learned about the power of simple awareness of our impact on the world around us. The more I learn about sustainability, the more I appreciate all our opportunities to explore the beautiful Colorado landscape. At the Center, I’m working to start a carbon offsetting program for DU travel, especially study abroad flights. I'm also involved with a lot of "green" groups on campus like Sustainability Committee, Sustainability Council, and DUET (the Environmental Team). I can’t keep a plant alive for more than a month, but I guess we all have areas we can improve upon.

  • Jack Foesterling

    Jack Foersterling

    Bike Mechanic

  • Brandon Gellis

    Research Assistant, Graphic Design

  • McKenna Hamilton

    McKenna Hamilton

    Outreach Manager

  • Michael Hansen

    Research Assistant, Food

  • Dexter Rowland

    Dexter Rowland

    Bike Mechanic

    I greatly enjoy road biking and I am interested in getting more involved with mountain biking. I feel that sustainable living is incredibly important for us to continue as a species, and I hope to help keep people's bicycles functioning so that they don't have to drive or ride public transportation. 

  • Megan Marshall

    Zero Waste Manager

  • Daniel Powell

    Sustainable Landscapes Manager

  • Alysia Scott

    Research Assistant, Food

  • Andrew Smith

    Andrew Smith

    Bike Mechanic

    I come from the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago, specifically Palatine. Growing up in such close proximity to the massive concrete block that Chicago is, I knew I had struck gold in Denver. A perfect balance between the city and nature, I have found that my need for the outdoors is being fulfilled here in Colorado. I enjoy the magnificent cycling, hiking, and skiing opportunities that I never had growing up in a big city. I am studying Art History with a minor in Anthropology. Not only does Denver provide the outdoor elements I live for, but also is a fantastic city for art and music, which tie heavily into my academics. Beginning in the spring of 2014, I hope to compete in cycling races as part of the DU Cycling club here on campus, and maybe one day ride the streets of the Champs-Elysees!

  • James Tyson

    James Tyson

    Bike Program Manager

    Either up on the saddle or on two feet is where you'll find James. He is proud to do his part by travelling most of his miles using alternative transportation methods and is prepared to make it easy for you to do the same. James earned his undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies (ENVS) at the University of Colorado at Boulder focusing on Energy and Climate Change. While at CU he also founded the ENVS Club, participated in the Energy Club, hosted ICE (Investigating Careers in the Environment) Talks, and aided in numerous Environmental Center campaigns. This solid foundation in change making brought him to the University of Denver for the Energy and Sustainability graduate program. After a year on the Transportation Committee of the Sustainability council the opportunity arose to become the Bicycle Program Coordinator. So, here he is...ready to roll!

  • Jackson Valenzuela

    Jackson Valenzuela

    Bike Mechanic

    I'm an outdoor enthusiast from lonely little Pueblo, Colorado, about two hours south of Denver. In my mind, raising your kids (me) Catholic is the only way to ensure that they become agnostic. To ensure that your kids love Nature, just make them live 60 miles from the mountains, out in the desert (in a place like Pueblo), so that they can look longingly West towards the foothills. As a kid, I took every opportunity I could to escape the heat of Pueblo and get into the mountains. Serious or casual, any activity is better outside in the wilderness. Nowadays, whether I am dangling a board from my right foot in a ski lift, lugging a 50lb backpack up endless switchbacks, or making stupid little circles with my feet over and over to turn my tires as I ride up Trailridge Road, I still love pushing myself up and over any obstacle our mother provides. We are called to protect her and all she has to offer, not because we are special, but because we are the ones here, now.