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Center for Sustainability

Center for Sustainability

Sustainability Council

Food & Mindful Consumption Committee


To raise awareness among the DU community of the environmental impact of food consumption choices. We work to provide information and resources to help our community make mindful, sustainable, and healthy choices. We aim to make sustainable options—local, organic, seasonal, and fair trade food and drink—more available on campus, as we educate the campus community about the connection between nutrition and personal health. In addition, the committee supports student-led sustainability initiatives.

We are also affiliated with Students for Sustainable Food:

Students for Sustainable Food is committed to bringing more sustainable food options—those that reflect environmental sustainability, animal welfare, human health and social justice ---to the DU community. SSF aims to raise awareness on just food systems through educational outreach, event planning, and campaigning for increased food sovereignty and transparency.

And we also manage the gardens on campus.

We meet on Tuesday nights at 7pm in the Center for Sustainability. 

Committee Members

Committee Chair – Megan Kelly

Charlotte Vetter
Emma Naatz
Julia Richards
Kathryn Saphire
Mariah Foley
Melissa Tedrowe
Shannon Keating
Sumner Van Brunt