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Center for Sustainability

Center for Sustainability

Sustainability Council

Facilities & Energy Committee


The Facilities and Energy committee is dedicated to reducing the threat of Climate Change through the identification, evaluation and implementation of energy conservation measures across campus. A primary focus of our efforts is the reduction of our electrical consumption, which is responsible for over 50% of our total campus greenhouse gas emissions. Our efforts to date have contributed to reductions in our electrical consumption of nearly 6 million kWh annually from 2008 to 2012, or the equivalent of the consumption of 520 households (2011 avg. annual U.S. household uses 11,280 kWh).
For a complete listing of conservation projects including lighting, motor and cooling efficiency upgrades check out the Energy Conservation Projects Summary 2013 (PDF).

The committee also reviews our annual greenhouse gas emissions report and tracks progress toward our carbon reduction goals which include a 24% reduction by 2020 and carbon neutrality by 2050.

Committee Members

Committee Chair – Tom McGee, Energy Engineer

Allan Wilson, Assistant Director, FPM/PAF/Real Estate
Andrew Bishop, Daniels College of Business
Chad King, University Sustainability Coordinator
Matt Nau, Senior Systems Administrator, UTS
Scott Schrage, Assistant Director, Facilities Management