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Center for Sustainability

Sustainability Council

Meeting Schedule & Minutes Archive

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Meeting Schedule

The DU Sustainability Council meets on a monthly basis, from 8:30-9:50 am, everyone is invited. Please join us! Meeting dates for the 2015-206 academic year are as follows:

September 17 (LAW 259)
October 15 (LAW 412)
November 19 (LAW 412)
December 10 (LAW 412)
January 21 (LAW 412)
February 18 (LAW 412)
March 24 (LAW 412)
April 21 (LAW 412)
May 19 (LAW 412)
June 16 (LAW 412)

Council Committees

The Sustainability Council also has a number of subcommittees, and anyone who'd like to serve on a committee is welcome. The committees include:

There are council members on each committee in addition to other members of the University community (students, staff, and faculty). For more information, please email the chair(s) of the committee(s) in which you are interested.

Council Meeting Minutes