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Center for Sustainability

Center for Sustainability

Sustainability Council

Social Sustainability Committee


To ensure the long-term viability of our people (individuals and collectives). We advocate for change within the institution to ensure that DU proactively, intentionally and consistently engages social considerations, in addition to resource and financial considerations, in sustainability policies and practices.

Continuing Projects

Our two current projects are: 1) developing guidelines to take social considerations into account when making purchasing on behalf of DU (to add to the existing Sustainable Purchasing Policy) and 2) to work on a set of ethical standards for corporate donors and review socially responsible investment practices (especially in regards to the questions asked in the STARS report). Ideas for future pursuits include:

  • Develop a list of folks from across campus that we should consider inviting to participate on the committee due to their work intersecting with our mission
  • Holding a training for budget officers regarding social considerations of purchasing
  • Work with HR on trainings for staff/faculty about socially conscious purchasing
  • Develop ideas/mechanisms to enhance opportunities for connection and collaboration across campus
  • Deepen the work of the committee to take all facets of our mission into consideration (i.e. economic justice, living wage, etc.)
  • Review CME's climate report. Do faculty/staff and students assess the climate in the same way? What does the survey tell us about social sustainability on campus? The next survey will be out in Winter 2013.

Committee Members

Committee ChairCara DiEnno, Center for Community Engagement & Service Learning

Committee Members
Chayla Haynes, Student, Morgridge College of Education
David Lashen, Student, Daniels College of Business
Don Mayer, Daniels College of Business
Gary Brower, University Chaplain
Katie Dunker, Wellness Program
Linda Kosten, Assistant Provost, Planning, Budget, and Analysis
Megan Conklin, Foundation Relations
Megan Kelly, Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
Neal Feldman, Student
Paula Cole, Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
Roshan Bliss, Student, Josef Korbel School of International Studies
Thomas Walker, Center for Multicultural Excellence