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Center for Sustainability

Center for Sustainability

Sustainability Council

Transportation Committee


To advance the adoption of sustainable transportation on and around the University of Denver campus.

Committee Members

Chairs: Katie Bonomo, Tay Dunklee

Alex Mehn, Transportation Solutions
Chad King, University Sustainability Coordinator
Ethan Crawford, Graduate School of Social Work
Fred Cheever, Sturm College of Law
Gary Brower, University Chaplain
James Tyson, University College
Katie Bonomo, Transportation Solutions
Katie Dunker, Human Resources
Mark Rodgers, University Architect
Randy Wagner, Sturm College of Law
Steve Banet, Campus Safety
Tay Dunklee, Living and Learning Communities
Thomas Quinn, Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Partnerships: Transportation Solutions, Bike Depot, Campus Cycles, BikeDenver, Center for Sustainability

Focus Areas: LAB Bicycle Friendly University certification at the Bronze Level

Transportation Center

Visit the Transportation Center for information about:

  • RTD passes (Eco Pass for benefited faculty and staff and RTD's College Pass for eligible students)
  • Southeast Light Rail
  • skyRide to DIA
  • Ridesharing
  • Bike route maps
  • Guaranteed Ride Home program
  • DU shuttle