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Center for Sustainability

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Center for Sustainability

Bike Share Program



Bike Impounds

Bike impounds begin June 6,2016. Abandoned bikes (and locks) will be impounded from bike racks across campus. Bike racks around residence halls will be the first areas of focus. If you park your bike at other racks on campus, look for signs on racks early in the week before bikes are impounded. To ensure your bike is not impounded REGISTER YOUR BIKE USING THIS FORM .

Owners of bikes registered using the form linked above, as of January 2016, will receive a courtesy call,text or email before their bike is impounded. 

Questions? email 

What is Bike Share?

Students Using the Bike Share Program

The bike share program is a student-driven, Center-supported program that aims to provide low cost bike rentals to students to use for the entire quarter. For $25 a quarter plus a $150 deposit or $75 a quarter plus a $100 deposit, students are provided bike rental, helmet, and University approved U-lock, as well as free tune-up.  Deposits are returned when the bike. The bike share program is supported in part by Bikes Together.

How Do I Sign Up?

Bikes are rented on a first-come, first-serve basis during the first week of classes to students who arrive in person at the PioGears Underground Bike Shop in the Nagel basement (or at Driscoll Green, weather permitting). There are a limited number of bikes, so interested students should plan to arrive as quickly as possible! Remember, all payment is check or cash only.

What Are the Bikes Like?

There are several styles of bikes. Including Origin-8 Cutler CB and Atlas X-Types, as well as a mix of road, mountain, and single speeds. These bikes are perfect for riding around campus, to the grocery store, and other nearby areas.

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